Urdu Shairi Ka Siyasi Aur tareekhi Pas Manzar

Urdu Shairi Ka Siyasi Aur Tareekhi Pas Manzar(اردو شاعری کا سیاسی اور تاریخی پس منظر) authored by Abul Khair Kasfi is an Urdu book that presents the political and social perspectives of Urdu poetry. This book is the author’s Ph.D. dissertation. The significance of the book in Urdu literature is astounding and is a milestone for the current volume of Urdu poetry.

Abul Khair Kashfi (ابوالخیر کشفی)is an outstanding Urdu author, critic, scholar, researcher, and linguist. Muhammad Abdul Khair Kashfi was born February 19, 1932, in Kanpur, British India. He won the Dawood Literary Award (1975) for his book Urdu Sha’iri Ka Siyasi Aur Tarikhi Pasmanzar.

Urdu Shairi Ka Siyasi Aur Tareekhi Pas Manzar Book Summary

The history of Urdu literature is very ancient. Many scholars and critics of Urdu have done many thorough types of research on the origin, evolution, and history of the Urdu language and literature. These researchers have also done the research and critical work on various genres of speech.

Many significant pieces of research have come to light on Urdu poetry, especially classical Urdu poets. This under review book is a research book in which the social, political, and historical background of Urdu poetry has been reviewed during the period from 1707 to 1857. Under which a brief scholarly review of the events and societal conditions of that period, including a social, economic, and cultural analysis of historical events.

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In this Urdu poetry critical book Urdu Shairi Ka Siyasi Aur Tareekhi Pas Manzar denotes political and historical events, along with different poets that have been reviewed from time to time. As a result, the author provides research and critical analysis of Urdu poetry from a contemporary and critical perspective.

This book is a worthwhile resource for Urdu Adab students to understand how Urdu poetry became part of Urdu literature through different eras.

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Urdu Shairi Ka Siyasi Aur Tareekhi Pas Manzar Book Online

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