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Tanqeed Kya Hai Book By Aale Ahmad Suroor

Tanqeed Kiya ha book is a collection of critical essays by Al-Ahmad Sarwar, a leading Urdu critic. He was a renowned critic of Urdu poetry and literature, a writer, poet, and journalist. He has worked in criticism, poetry, autobiography, and journalism. He was a critic. And there are more critical articles in their capital.

The writer of this book Tanqeed Kiya ha pdf Prof. Al-Ahmad Sarwar is a renowned critic of Urdu poetry and literature. Familiar, capable teachers, the best organized and worthy human beings have passed away. The scope of his personality and services spanned various aspects. He was not only an association in his own right, but his personality was a beacon of light and a combination of many associations. He was a stream of knowledge and literature, civilization and culture and humanity which has irrigated and continues to irrigate many spheres of life.

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Tanqeed Kiya ha pdf an important book in the field of Urdu criticism. In this collection, Sarwar looks at the art of Hali, Shibli, and Iqbal. This book describes the nature of poetry and criticism. As well as discussing topics such as Akbar’s humor, current literary issues, a look at the progressive movement and basic ideas of Urdu criticism. I think you may like to read another book Tanqeed aur jadeed Urdu Tanqeed.

Tanqeed Kiya ha pdf is his most valuable book, the first edition of which was published in June 1947, then the second edition in January 1952. In the seventh edition (April 1972), an important article was added entitled “Fundamental Thoughts of Urdu Criticism” and in the eighth edition which was published after his death, this includes another important article entitled “The Concept of Man in Urdu Poetry”

The name of the collection, “Tanqeed Kiya ha “may lead to the misunderstanding that the whole book is about the principles of criticism, although the last article in the book is the title of the book. This approach is no longer unfamiliar in Urdu and may still be the answer to other critics.

There are some other books on Urdu criticism that can meet your needs.  like  Arastu Se Eliot Tak by Jameel Jalibi and  Maghribi tanqeed ka mutaala by Abid Siddique. Visit this site daily to download New Urdu Literature related books.


Tanqeed Kiya Hai By Al-e-Ahmad Sarwar is a seminal collection of critical essays by an eminent Urdu critic. It includes his analytical reviews of stalwarts like Hali, Shibli and Iqbal along with insights into the art, principles and evolution of Urdu poetry and literary criticism.

Ranging from humor to progressivism, these essays highlight Sarwar’s scholarship, clarity of thought and literary sensibilities. His study of the fundamentals of Urdu tanqeed makes this book an authoritative work for understanding modern Urdu criticism.

With its immense depth and impact, It continues to hold value for students, critics and scholars interested in Urdu literature and its analysis.

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