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Buri Aurat Ki Katha By Kishwar Naheed

Buri Aurat Ki Katha(بری عورت کی کتھا) is the autobiography of famed Urdu writer Kishwar Naheed. In the book, she describes the events of her life in detail. The book first appeared in 1994 and then again in 2013 by Sang-e-Meel Publications, Lahore.

About Author

Kishwar Naheed ( کشور ناہید‎) is a well-known, intellectual and feminist Urdu poetess and a writer from Pakistan. Many collections of her poetry have come to light. Her interviews often adorn newspapers and magazines. She has also translated various international articles that have appeared from time to time. The number of books she has written has also earned her many awards including the Sitara-e-Imtiaz for her contribution to Urdu literature.

Buri Aurat Ki Katha Book Summary

Buri Aurat Ki Katha / بری عورت کی کتھا
Buri Aurat Ki Katha / بری عورت کی کتھا

I mentioned at the beginning that this is a biography of Kishwar Naheed. According to the title of the book, the writer calls herself a disgusting woman and uses the term for herself. This title is a satire on our society. It is a common practice in our society that if a woman or a girl tries to be independent, to step out of the house to solve her domestic problems, she is automatically considered a bad woman.

There are thousands and even millions of such evil women around us who have had to step out of the house for one reason or another. What is the reality of a bad woman’s life, what are the problems and reasons she suffers from, does she need any kind of help, or do society’s responsibilities end when she is declared a bad woman, like this and many other issues. The teenager has tried to answer. She recounts the story of her life in her story, starting with her childhood, proceeding through her youth, marriage, career, etc.

This book, Buri Aurat Ki Katha is helpful to know about how women live in Pakistan, their problems, their desires, their happiness, etc. However, this is above all the story of Naheed’s struggle, which she has endured her entire life. This is a worthwhile book for those who are interested in reading biographies.

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Buri Aurat Ki Katha is the revealing autobiography of eminent Urdu poet Kishwar Naheed. Chronicling her life experiences from childhood to marriage and career, it provides rare insight into the realities faced by women in Pakistani society. With raw honesty, Naheed highlights the challenges confronted by independent women who defy societal norms and are labelled as immoral.

Part satire, part commentary, Buri Aurat Ki Katha gives voice to the struggles of millions of women deemed ‘evil’ for seeking empowerment. Through her personal narrative, Naheed elucidates women’s desires, troubles and inner lives.

A bold feminist statement, the book is an invaluable resource for understanding Pakistani women’s issues. Above all, it documents Naheed’s own inspiring journey and struggle for self-determination.

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