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Are you tired of searching for different websites to download your favorite Imran series novels by Mazhar Kaleem? Well, you’re in luck because we have gathered all the novels in one place for your convenience.

Before you begin your download spree, let us provide you with a brief overview of what the Imran series is all about. This is a series of Urdu detective and spy novels created by the famous novelist Ibn-e-Safi. The first novel of the series, Khaufnaak Imaarat, was published in October 1955.

The series revolves around the character Ali Imran, a young man who is both joyful and deceptive. He works as a general secret agent for the Pakasia Secret Service, but secretly operates the service under the name “X2.” While Imran initially appeared as a solo detective, various new characters were introduced to the series over time.

Fans of the series loved Imran’s character, and after the demise of Ibn-e-Safi, they wanted to read more about him. Writers like H Iqbal, M.A Rahat, and S Qureshi attempted to continue the series, but the writer who successfully carried it forward was Mazhar Kaleem MA.

Kaleem’s debut novel in the Imran series was Maka Zonga, which he wrote under the name “N Safi.” He went on to write over 400 books in the series, creating many timelines of his own. Some of his most famous timelines include Wadi-e-Mushkbar, Black Thunder, Israel Missions, Mystic Series, and Four Stars series. Kaleem introduced many memorable characters to the series, such as Tiger, Juana, Saliha, and Rozi Rascal.

Although the Imran series novels are full of suspense, action, and thrills, there is always an element of humor present. Imran and his Cook Suleiman engage in witty and sarcastic arguments that are sure to put a smile on your face.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Imran series and its characters, you can check out the series’ Wikipedia page.

Imran Series By Mazhar Kaleem List (Complete)

  1. Maka Zonga (مکا زونگا)
  2. Sabolat Agar (سبولت اگر)
  3. Shoga Pama (شوگہ پاما)
  4. Tarantola (عمران، فریدی سیریز)
  5. Double White (ڈبل وائٹ)
  6. Kaya Palat (کایا پلٹ)
  7. Be Jurm Mujrim (بے جرم مجرم)
  8. Dus Crore Mein Do Shaitaan (دس کروڑ میں دو شیطان)
  9. Blue Eye (بلیو آئی)
  10. Ankana (آنکنا)
  11. Weather Boss (ویذر بوس)
  12. Fohag International (فوہگ انٹرنیشنل)
  13. Hara Kari (ہارا کاری)
  14. Black Feather (بلیک فیتھر)
  15. Dashing Three (ڈیشنگ تھری)
  16. Aika Ban (آئیکا بن)
  17. Silver Girl (سلور گرل)
  18. Madam Bashashi (میڈم بشاشی)
  19. Dog Rays (عمران، فریدی سیریز)
  20. Ganja Bhikari (گنجا بھیکاری)
  21. Escape Grey (اسکیپ گرے)
  22. Prince Vinchal (پرنس ونچل)
  23. Operation Sandwich & Sandwich plan (آپریشن سینڈوچ اور سینڈوچ پلان)
  24. X2 (ایکس ٹو)
  25. Shalmak + Super Operation + Operation Final Cross (شالمک + سپر آپریشن + آپریشن فائنل کراس)
  26. Bagop and Death Mission (بیگوپ اینڈ ڈیتھ مشن)
  27. Khamosh Cheekhain (خاموش چیخیں)
  28. Calender Killer (کیلنڈر کلر)
  29. Ladies Secret Service (عمران، فریدی سیریز)
  30. Blue Film (بلیو فلم)
  31. Operation Desert One (آپریشن ڈیزرٹ ون)
  32. Black Prince (بلیک پرنس)
  33. Rascal’s King (راسکل کنگ)
  34. Na Qabil-e-Taskheer Mujrim + Maut Ka Raqs (اسرائیل سیریز)
  35. Zinda Saye (زندہ سایے)
  36. Imran Ki Maut (عمران کی موت)
  37. Rangeen Maut + Danger Gang (رنگین موت + ڈینجر گینگ)
  38. Dehshat Gard + Mutharrik Maut (دہشت گرد + متحرک موت)
  39. Red Medosa (ریڈ میڈوسا)
  40. Danger Land (ڈینجر لینڈ)
  41. Cross Club (کراس کلب)
  42. Fast Action (فاسٹ ایکشن)
  43. Kaghzi Qayamat (کاغذی قیامت)
  44. Prince Of Dhump (پرنس آف ڈھمپ)
  45. Sure, here are the English and Urdu titles for the remaining list:
  46. Bloody Syndicate (خونی سنڈیکیٹ)
  47. Lady Eagle + Maut Ka Jaal (لیڈی ایگل + موت کا جال)
  48. Topaz (ٹوپاز)
  49. Yaqeeni Maut (Part 2 of Topaz) (یقینی موت (ٹوپاز کا دوسرا حصہ))
  50. Anari Mujrim (اناڑی مجرم)
  51. High Fight (ہائی فائٹ)
  52. Ghadar Julia (غدار جولیا)
  53. Karwan e Dehshat (کارواںِ دہشت)
  54. Jialay Jasoos (Part 2 of Karwan-e-Dehshat) (جیالے جاسوس (کارواںِ دہشت کا دوسرا حصہ))
  55. Camp Rackers + Camp Blast (کیمپ ریکرز + کیمپ بلاست)
  56. Wild Tiger (وائلڈ ٹائیگر)
  57. Pakasia Club (پاکاسیا کلب)
  58. Adhora Formula + Mout Ka Daira (ادھورا فارمولا + موت کا دائرہ)
  59. Robin Hood (رابن ہود)
  60. Diamond Of Death (موت کا ہیرا)
  61. Bankay Mujrim (بنکے مجرم)
  62. Top Rock (ٹاپ راک)
  63. Juliana Fight Group (جولیانا فائٹ گروپ)
  64. Power Land (پاور لینڈ سیریز)
  65. Jawana in Action (جوانا ان اکشن)
  66. Star Track (ستار ٹریک)
  67. Little Devils (لٹل ڈیولز)
  68. Face of Death + Black Death (فیس آف موت + بلیک موت)
  69. Hot Knot (ہاٹ ناٹ)
  70. Special Agent Brono (سپیشل ایجنٹ برونو)
  71. Red Chief (ریڈ چیف)
  72. Death Circle (موت کا دائرہ)
  73. Trench Fire (ٹرینچ فائر)
  74. Shooting Power (شوٹنگ پاور)
  75. Dark Club (ڈارک کلب)
  76. Halka e Mout + Way to Action + Top Target (حلقہِ موت + وے ٹو ایکشن + ٹاپ ٹارگٹ)
  77. Lancer Five (لانسر فائیو)
  78. Agent From Power Land (پاور لینڈ سیریز)
  79. Road Side Story (رود سائڈ سٹوری)
  80. Great Fight (گریٹ فائٹ)
  81. Zero Blast (زیرو بلاست)
  82. Black Kalar (بلیک کالر)
  83. Wonder Plan (ونڈر پلان)
  84. Death Group (موت کا گ
  85. Haikal-e-Sulaimani (اسرائیل سیریز)
  86. Lady Sundarta
  87. Lady Killers
  88. Saajan Center (پاور لینڈ سیریز)
  89. Red Power (پاور لینڈ سیریز)
  90. Powerland Ki Tabahi (پاور لینڈ سیریز)
  91. Juliana Top Action
  92. Challenge Mission
  93. Pressure Lock
  94. One Man Show
  95. Ladies Mission
  96. Foul Play
  97. Zero Over Zero
  98. Super Agent Safdar
  99. Blood Hounds
  100. Easy Mission
  101. Light House
  102. Secret Service Mission
  103. Four Corners (عمران، فریدی سیریز)
  104. Silver Hands
  105. Adventure Mission
  106. Golden Sand
  107. Re Bite
  108. Jasoos e Azam
  109. Red Point
  110. Alert Camp
  111. Tight Plan (اسرائیل سیریز)
  112. Dashing Agent
  113. Inventory Grip
  114. Black Thunder (بلیک تھنڈر سیریز)
  115. Camp Fight
  116. Birth Stone
  117. Wood King
  118. Top Prize
  119. Supreme Fighter
  120. Nawashangu
  121. Water Power + Great Ball + Great Victory + Black Pagos
  122. Dojo Fighters
  123. Secret Heart
  124. True Man
  125. Action Group (اسرائیل سیریز)
  126. Barki (بلیک تھنڈر سیریز)
  127. Well Done
  128. Special Plan
  129. Desert Commandos
  130. Blood Rays
  131. Heli Cart
  132. Kareka
  133. Red Dot
  134. Logasa Mission (بلیک تھنڈر سیریز)
  135. Last Fight
  136. Flaster Project
  137. Night Fighters
  138. Karosho
  139. Hard Mision
  140. Hallow Wall
  141. Sarto Mission
  142. Super Minded Agent (بلیک تھنڈر سیریز)
  143. Zaraak
  144. Bright Stone
  145. Zero Lastri  (ماورائی سیریز)
  146. Texat
  147. Jim Might
  148. Long Fight
  149. Big Boss
  150. Boganu
  151. Last Round
  152. Third Force
  153. Fi Land
  154. Black Agents
  155. Zero Blaster
  156. Sandy Zoon
  157. Bloody Game
  158. Cross Mission
  159. SS Project (وادی مشکبار سیریز)
  160. Distruction Plan
  161. Black Hounds
  162. Super Mission (بلیک تھنڈر سیریز)
  163. Spot Film
  164. Hishrat ul Arz
  165. Black Hills
  166. Tatar Daggers
  167. Snake Circle (اسرائیل سیریز)
  168. Black Strap
  169. Special Supply
  170. Hot Field + Hot Spot + Hot Fight
  171. Saqab Project
  172. Saan Kara
  173. Misali Duniya (ماورائی سیریز)
  174. Red Ring
  175. Blind Attack (وادی مشکبار سیریز)
  176. Open Close
  177. Black World + Black Powers (ماورائی سیریز)
  178. Kakana Island
  179. Golden Agent (بلیک تھنڈر سیریز)
  180. Golden Agent in Action (بلیک تھنڈر سیریز)
  181. Four Stars (فور سٹارز سیریز)
  182. Code Walk
  183. Blasters
  184. Special Section
  185. Royal Service
  186. Ladies Island
  187. Double Game
  188. Fink Syndicate
  189. Fighting Mission
  190. Dog Crime (فور سٹارز سیریز)
  191. Dushman Julia
  192. ZigZag Mission (عمران، فریدی سیریز)
  193. Saffak Mujrim (فور سٹارز سیریز)
  194. Red Craft
  195. Stacks
  196. Death Quick
  197. Tower Section (بلیک تھنڈر سیریز)
  198. Long Bird Complex (اسرائیل سیریز)
  199. Long Bird Sealed Complex (اسرائیل سیریز)
  200. Blasting Station
  201. Sasic Center
  202. Black Crime
  203. Last Upset
  204. Sufli Duniya (ماورائی سیریز)
  205. Prince Kachan
  206. Rozi Rascal
  207. Rock Head (فور سٹارز سیریز)
  208. Imran Ka Aghwa
  209. Spargo
  210. Diamond Power
  211. Tafreehi Mission
  212. Treaty
  213. Green Death
  214. Power Agent
  215. Makruh Jurm (فور سٹارز سیریز)
  216. Dark Mission
  217. Base Camp
  218. Zaheen Agent
  219. Red Zero Agency
  220. JSP
  221. Jinnati Duniya (ماورائی سیریز)
  222. Death Rays
  223. Golden Spot
  224. Gross Dam
  225. Black Face
  226. Double Mission
  227. Shedog
  228. Shedog Headquarter
  229. Red Authority (اسرائیل سیریز)
  230. Lasilky
  231. Dark Eye
  232. Snake Killers
  233. Shuderrmaan (ماورائی سیریز)
  234. Sea Eagle (بلیک تھنڈر سیریز)
  235. Agrosaan
  236. Cosmic Star
  237. Red Army
  238. Red Army Network
  239. Red Flag
  240. Peart Pirate
  241. Makruh Chehray (فور سٹارز سیریز)
  242. Crown Agency
  243. Fibian Society
  244. Last Moment (وادی مشکبار سیریز)
  245. Smart Mission
  246. Super Master Group
  247. Thread Ball Mission
  248. Fort Dam
  249. Fuogi Task
  250. Hanging Death
  251. Villago (ماورائی سیریز)
  252. Black Arrow (اسرائیل سیریز)
  253. Jewish Channel (اسرائیل سیریز)
  254. Black Hawk (اسرائیل سیریز)
  255. Power Squad (اسرائیل سیریز)
  256. Electronic Eye
  257. Karakon
  258. Special Mission
  259. Black Mask
  260. C-Top
  261. Water Missile
  262. Target Mission
  263. Foreign Group
  264. Makarto Syndicate
  265. Karkis Pont
  266. Flower Syndicate
  267. Taroot (ماورائی سیریز)
  268. High Victory + Final Fight (بلیک تھنڈر سیریز)
  269. Starg
  270. Redox
  271. Partin
  272. Sagan Mission + XV File + KGB HeadQuarter + Red Top
  273. Tarak
  274. Double Lock
  275. Tarson Agency
  276. Large View Project
  277. Soft Mission
  278. Hard Redback (Soft Mission Part 2)
  279. Broad System
  280. Muslim Currency
  281. Cat Rat Game + Suspnse Game
  282. Mamar (ماورائی سیریز)
  283. Bright Eye
  284. Star Mission
  285. Last Warning
  286. White Shadow
  287. S Three
  288. Shooter
  289. Black Thunder Section (بلیک تھنڈر سیریز)
  290. Sawana
  291. Cotton Seed
  292. Hot Rays
  293. Domanai (ماورائی سیریز)
  294. Harch
  295. Big Challenge
  296. Great Mission
  297. Zero Mission
  298. Red Circle
  299. Mind Blaster
  300. Crossing Arrow
  301. Last Trap
  302. Maha Pursh (ماورائی سیریز)
  303. Kasham (ماورائی سیریز)
  304. Maria Section
  305. Black Fighters (اسرائیل سیریز)
  306. Mushkbari Code (وادی مشکبار سیریز)
  307. Capital Agency
  308. Prince Shama
  309. Business Crime (فور سٹارز سیریز)
  310. Mission Sagor
  311. Glary Sedia
  312. Blue Code Book
  313. Big Dam
  314. Sagram Mission
  315. Dodging Missoin
  316. Top Secret Mission
  317. Beggers Mafia (فور سٹارز سیریز)
  318. Free Socks
  319. Chief Agent
  320. Dark Face
  321. Rozi Rascal Mission
  322. Devil Pearl (ماورائی سیریز)
  323. Secret Center
  324. Blind Mission
  325. Blue Hawk
  326. Tiger In Action (اسرائیل سیریز)
  327. Saraj Agency (اسرائیل سیریز)
  328. Target Imran
  329. Black Head
  330. Winning Party
  331. Blue Bird Group
  332. Group Fighting
  333. Black Scrab (ماورائی سیریز)
  334. Hard Crime
  335. Hawk Eye
  336. Danger Group Chow
  337. Fast Mission
  338. One to One
  339. Kali Duniya (ماورائی سیریز)
  340. Special Station
  341. Jewish Power
  342. Multi Mission
  343. Two In One (اسرائیل سیریز)
  344. Golden Cross
  345. Fight Plus
  346. Hot World
  347. E-City
  348. Green Guard
  349. Reverse Circle
  350. Violent Crime (فور سٹارز سیریز)
  351. Side Track
  352. Taghoti Duniya (ماورائی سیریز)
  353. Blank Mission
  354. Golden Clock
  355. Cyrus
  356. Grand Victory
  357. Twin Sisters
  358. Action Agency
  359. Top Mission (بلیک تھنڈر سیریز)
  360. Karogue (ماورائی سیریز)
  361. Peacock
  362. Kasper Rays
  363. Armous Prohat
  364. Hard Agency
  365. White Birds
  366. Red Sky
  367. Multi Target
  368. Black Day
  369. Great Falls
  370. Karman Mission
  371. Black Sun
  372. LimeLight
  373. Sangeen Jurm
  374. Master Laboratory
  375. Lords
  376. Rock Field
  377. Fogashay
  378. Shogran Mission
  379. Salaska
  380. Danger Mission
  381. Sword Managa
  382. Top Shoot
  383. Hard Target
  384. Kobraan
  385. Marshal Agency
  386. Code Box
  387. Tawan
  388. Total Zero
  389. Super Agents
  390. Top Section
  391. Water Light
  392. D Group
  393. Black Business
  394. Saarj Agency
  395. Saarj Headquarters

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How Many Books Are In Imran Series?

Imran Series is a beloved and long-running series of spy novels in Pakistan, written by Ibn-e-Safi. The series has a total of 120 books, which were published over a period of 27 years. Each book in the series features the adventures of the main character, Ali Imran, as he fights crime and solves complex cases.
Other writers have also written books under the same name, such as Mazhar Kaleem who has written a complete list of Imran Series books that can be downloaded for free. However, it’s important to know that different sources may give different numbers for the total amount of books in the series. Some sources say there are 32 books, while others say there are over 400.

Who Is Writing Imran Series Now?

If you’re curious about who is currently writing the Imran Series, it’s worth noting that there is no official author for the series. However, many fans consider Mazhar Kaleem MA to be the most prominent writer of Imran Series books. While he has made valiant efforts to keep the series going, some fans feel that the original essence of the novels has been lost since the passing of the original author, Ibn-e-Safi. Despite this, Mazhar Kaleem MA’s books remain popular among fans of the series, and he continues to write new installments to this day.

What Is The Story Of Imran Series?

The Imran Series follows the adventures of Ali Imran, a clever and resourceful spy who works for a secret agency in Pakistan. Each novel in the series features a different case or mission that Imran must complete, often involving complex conspiracies, dangerous criminals, and political intrigue. Along the way, Imran relies on his intelligence, bravery, and quick thinking to outwit his enemies and save the day. The series is known for its fast-paced action, engaging characters, and intricate plots, making it a must-read for fans of spy and thriller novels.

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