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Umera Ahmed Novels List 2023 (Complete List)

If you’re a fan of Pakistani literature, chances are you’ve heard of Umera Ahmed. She is a well-known and best-selling author whose books have amassed a sizable fan base in Pakistan and elsewhere. Her works explore themes of love, family, faith, and self-discovery and are known for their depth and insight.

In this blog post, we’ll be reviewing a list of Umera Ahmed’s novels, highlighting some of her most popular and beloved works. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Umera Ahmed is a Pakistani writer who has made significant contributions to Pakistani literature. Her novels cover a wide range of genres, including romance, drama, and religious themes, in the Urdu language.

Her books have become very popular in Pakistan and are well-liked and read by readers all over the world. Her fame and audience have grown as a result of the successful television drama adaptations of many of her works.

Umera’s novels are among the most well-liked in Pakistani literature because of the emotional depth and relatable characters in her writing, which have struck a chord with readers. In addition to writing novels, Ahmed has also contributed to a number of magazines and newspapers. She has received numerous awards and accolades for her work in the literary world.

Umera Ahmed Novels List

  • Aao Hum Pehla Qadam Dhrten Hen
  • Husna Aur Husan Ara
  • Soda Novel
  • Aks Novel
  • Darbar E Dil Novel
  • Dil Ke Thehar Jane Ka Mausam
  • Hasil Novel
  • Bas Ik Dagh E Nadamat Novel
  • Harf Se Lafz Tak Novel
  • Abi To Maat Baqi Hai
  • Man O Salwa Novel
  • Iman Umeed Aur Mohabbat Novel
  • Band Kawaron Ke Aagay Novel
  • Doraha Novel
  • Koi Baat Hai Teri Bat Main
  • Wapsi Novel
  • Teri Yaad Khar E Gulab Hai Novel
  • Koi Lamha Khawab Nahin Hota
  • Mere 50 Pasandeda Scene
  • Thora Sa Aasman Novel
  • Main Ne Khawabon Ka Shajar Deakha Hai Novel
  • Yeh Jo Ik Subha Ka Sitara Hai Novel
  • Zindagi Gulzar Hai Novel
  • Meri Zaat Zarra E Benishan Novel
  • Koi Baat Hai Teri Baat Main Urdu  Novel
  • Maat Hone Tak Novel
  • Muthi Bhar Mitti Novel
  • Qaid E Tanhai Novel
  • Kankar Novel
  • Seher Ek Isti’ara Hay Pdf Novel
  • Aisa Kabhi Nahi Hota
  • Hum Kahan Ke Sache Thay
  • Doosra Dozakh Novel
  • Urhan Novel

5 Best Umera Ahmed Novels You Won’t Want to Miss

These are some of the most popular novels among readers that you should not miss. You might refer to them as fantastic novels.



One of the main themes of “Aab-e-Hayat” is the importance of self-discovery and personal growth. Imama battles with her own beliefs and values, as well as her place in the world, throughout the entire book. As she confronts the challenges and hardships of adult life, she learns to embrace her own strength and to find her own path.

The novel’s other major themes include the importance of relationships and the force of love. Imama’s relationships with the people around her, including her family and friends, play a crucial role in her personal growth and development. Imama learns the value of loyalty, compassion, and forgiveness through these relationships, as well as the true nature of love.

Because of its deep themes, engrossing characters, and moving story, it has won the hearts of readers and become a beloved classic. Its combination of heart-wrenching drama and uplifting moments make it a must-read for fans of Pakistani literature and for anyone looking for a poignant and rewarding read.



Peer-e-Kaamil is a novel written by Pakistani author Umera Ahmed. The novel tells the story of a young man named Imama Hashim who is struggling to find meaning and purpose in life. Imama Hashim is an intelligent and talented young man, but he also struggles with addiction and depression.

As Imama Hashim searches for answers, he meets a man named Peer-e-Kamil, who becomes his spiritual mentor and guide. Peer-e-Kaamil helps Saim understand the true nature of his problems and teaches him how to overcome them through faith and spiritual growth.

The main theme of the novel is the importance of spiritual growth and self-improvement. Saim finds his way on the path to enlightenment thanks to Peer-e-Kamil, who embodies the ideal of a flawless spiritual teacher.

Lahasil Novel


The novel follows the story of a young woman named Khadija Noor, who is struggling to find her place in the world. Khadija Noor is a young woman with talent and ambition, but she runs into many roadblocks and setbacks while working toward her objectives.

One of the main themes of the novel is the struggle for self-actualization and the search for one’s true identity. Khadija Noori is a complex and multifaceted character who experiences a wide variety of challenges on her journey to self-discovery.



Amarbail is a love story set against the backdrop of Pakistani bureaucratic culture. It follows the relationship between Umar Jehangir and Aleezay Sikandar, two characters attempting to deal with the challenges of love and relationships in a society marked by imbalanced relationships, broken families, and a lust for power. 

The novel explores themes of love, intensity, and sacrifice, as well as the challenges that Umar and Aleezay face as they try to build a life together in the face of their own insecurities and the obstacles that stand in their way. Amarbail is a strong and thought-provoking book that explores the complexities of love and relationships in a way that is both compelling and emotionally resonant.



Shehr-e-zaat is a novel written by Pakistani author Umera Ahmed. The novel follows the story of Falak, a young woman who is struggling to find her place in the world and to understand her own identity. 

The struggle for self-actualization and the pursuit of one’s true identity are two of the novel’s major themes. Falak is a complicated and multifaceted character, and her quest for self-discovery involves a wide range of experiences and difficulties.

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