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Arastu Se Eliot Tak By Jameel Jalibi Book

Arastu Se Eliot Tak by Jameel Jalibi pdf is Criticism Book. Dr. Jamil Jalibi was a  noted linguist, critic, writer, and renowned researcher Of the Urdu Language. Jamil Jalibi was famous for his outstanding work, Tareekh Adab e Urdu.

Criticism is the art of examining the merits and demerits of art and its value. The first regular impressions of this art are found in Aristotle’s book “Poetics“. Thus the formal beginning of the art of criticism dates back to three hundred years before Christ.

In This book Arastu Se Eliot Tak by Jameel Jalibi pdf, Jamil Jalebi mentions the views of great and well-known Western critics from Aristotle to Elliot. Our criticism is based on Western criticism, whether the case is current or a comparison between Anis and Dabir or something else, so it is important to study the source and the source before reading your critical principles.

Arastu Se Eliot Tak is a translated Book, but the translator, after his tireless efforts, has made some additions and deletions to the level of authorship.

Arastu Se Eliot Tak pdf book Sample page

The book Arastu Se Eliot Tak is broadly based on one case and three chapters. First of all, there is an elaborate case at the beginning of the book in which the evolution of two and a half thousand years of literary thought of Western critique is discussed.

In the Opening Chapter, the Writer explains all about the authors, so that the reader may first be mentally prepared and understand the importance of deciding which person to study next. Every living language needs to learn something from ancient and rich languages.

The Urdu language also accepts the influence of the English Literature community as well as every language. By the way, some of these languages ​​are the ones that have already accepted this Western critique somewhere. A rich language like Arabic also absorbed Western criticism. I think readers will also enjoy reading this Urdu Tanqeed book Arastu Se Eliot Tak by Jameel Jalebi in pdf format. I suggest reading more Urdu Criticism books to enhance critical Knowledge.


Arastu Se Eliot Tak By Jameel Jalibi is a seminal work chronicling the evolution of Western literary criticism from Aristotle to T.S Eliot. As Urdu criticism has its roots in Western critical thought, this book provides much-needed context on the source ideas and theorists who shaped the field.

Translated from English yet enriched by Jalibi’s insights, it lucidly examines the contributions of critics from Aristotle’s poetics to Eliot’s theories.

Spanning over two millennia, this anthology emerges as an authoritative primer and reference for students of Urdu adab seeking grounding in foundations of global literary criticism before exploring indigenous analysis.

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