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Mawazina E Anees O Dabeer Book By Shibli Nomani

Mawazina e Anees o Dabeer pdf book is a critical work of  Shibli Nomani.  Shibli Nomani is such a famous writer of Urdu. He had equal power in history, criticism, biography, biography, and theology. His study was a wide and deep observation. Shibli’s name is at the top of the list of comparative criticism. The book ” Mawazina e Anees o Dabeer ”  is an excellent example of Shibli’s comparative criticism.

The writer of Mawazina e Anees o Dabeer pdf book gave a new perspective to literature by comparing two great and well-known mourners Anis and Dabir. Discussions of Anees and Dabeer before comparing the poetic and critical concepts of the poetic accomplishments of Anis and Dabir are presented in the comparison.

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Mawazina e Anees o Dabeer pdf Sample

In this book, Mawazina e Anees o Dabeer pdf Shibli has compared the words of Anees and Dabeer. While reviewing, he has compared the themes of his speech, scholarship, innovation, similes and metaphors, power of imagination, etc. He has also explained the merits and demerits of his words.

. In most parts of this pdf book, Mawazina e Anees o Dabeer, there is a detailed discussion of the poetic qualities of Anis. In every respect, Anis is shown to be higher than Dabir. and Shibli was accused of being unfair to Dabir. Shibli has defined eloquence in such a way that the difference between the eloquence and non-eloquence of words through sounds becomes apparent to us.

In this light, Shibli tried to examine the Poetry work of Mir Anis and Mirza Dabir and clarified through examples how the best examples of eloquence are found in the words of Mir Anis. If you want to see the critical work of Shibli Nomani Read this book Mawazina e Anees o Dabeer to know a new viewpoint of Urdu criticism.

Final Thoughts

In short, Mawazina e Anees o Dabeer by Shibli Nomani is an authoritative work of comparative literary criticism in Urdu. It analytically examines two iconic elegiac poets – Anis and Dabir. Shibli first establishes benchmarks for critical evaluation of poetry before undertaking a detailed comparison of their eloquence, language, themes, imagination and poetic craft.

While elucidating the strengths and weaknesses of both, Shibli concludes Anis has greater mastery. Though accused of bias against Dabir, Shibli pioneered new standards in Urdu tanqeed through this book. For those interested in history of Urdu criticism, It provides unparalleled insights into development of comparative analysis and appreciation of poetry.

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