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Dastan Iman Faroshon Ki By Inayatullah Altamash

Dastan Iman Faroshon Ki (داستان ایمان فروشوں کی) is considered to be a classic work of historical fiction written by Inayatullah Altammash. This classical narrative story describes Salah-ud-Din Ayubi’s life, struggles, wisdom, and bravery, among other details. It is one of the most well-known historical fiction Urdu novels with five volumes and about two thousand pages.

About Author

We know that one of the leading Urdu historical fiction writers is Inayatullah Altammash. He is at the top, along with Naseem Hijazi and Aslam Rahi M.A. He writes history so captivatingly that the reader feels as if they are living in the time frame that he is depicting.

Dastan Iman Faroshon Ki Book Summary

Dastan Iman Faroshon Ki Complete 5 Volumes was authored by Inayatullah Altamash, as I have told you before. The book contains historical accounts from the ear of Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi. Five parts make up this book, and each part is an authentic historical document. Inayatullah describes the wars that Sultan Ayubi waged against the crusader spies and the professional killers of Hassan bin Sabah.

The author describes the challenges Muslim leaders faced during the crusade wars in Dastan Iman Faroshon Ki. Christians sent spies into Muslim camps to learn the inside information and plans. The spies included women who seduced Muslim leaders and gained access to their beds to obtain their secrets. A weak faith led weak leaders to fall victim to the trap and provide confidential information to the manipulators.

It is fair to say that Salah-ud-Din Ayubi(صلاح الدین ایوبی), the Muslim commander, was fighting on three fronts at once. The traitors within his army, the spies working against him, and the enemy in the field of battle were all before him. However, he was not discouraged. He led his people to victory with his clever planning, strategic thinking, and strong will during those testing times.

This book was compiled from the works of famous historians such as Harold Lamb, Lane Poole, William of Tire, Bahauddin Shahddad, Muhammad Farid Abu Hadid, Anthony West, Al-Waqidi, General Muhammad Akbar Khan, Sirajuddin, Asad al-Asadi, Al-Athar, and a few unknown authors as well as government reports from the time of the Ayubis.

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to sum up, Dastan Iman Faroshon Ki is Inayatullah Altamash’s classic 5-volume historical fiction depicting Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi’s life and the Muslim struggle against crusader spies. Through rich details, Altamash brings alive the challenges faced by Ayubi and Muslim leaders against manipulative enemies. With its captivating narrative, the book provides an authentic glimpse into this defining era of Muslim history and Ayubi’s wisdom, faith and leadership in securing victory. Overall, Dastan Iman Faroshon Ki is a brilliant work of Urdu historical fiction.

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