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Razia Sultana Novel By Khan Asif

Razia Sultana is a biography and historical novel about the legendary woman emperor Razia Sultan written by Khan Asif. This novel was published in the weekly magazine Akhbar e Jahan in 1993 in installments which was later published in book form by your daughter Asma Khan Asif.

Razia Sultana Book Story And Summary

Razia Sultana is an influential name in the history of Islam and especially the subcontinent. She was of Turkish descent and was the daughter of King Shams-ud-Din al-Tamish. She is the only woman who has the honor of ruling the Delhi Empire.

She is one of the few brave and courageous women in history who ruled over a massive empire and that is why she was called “Sultan”. Razia Sultan has the distinction of not only being the only and first female ruler of the throne of Delhi but has also had the interest of many filmmakers, playwrights, and writers in her life who have created many masterpieces combining reality and fiction.

The narrative of the Razia Sultana novel is largely based on Razia Sultan’s real-life experiences. The details and fabric of the story, however, are the result of the author’s imagination and creativity. Razia Sultan in particular, as well as the Muslim government in India in general, fall victim to fiber medicine and conspiracies in this novel. The story revolves around Princess Razia’s day-to-day life in the face of enemies, traitors, conspirators, and loyalists, as she displays bravery, chivalry, and intelligence throughout her journey.

There is nothing more to say about this novel other than it’s beautifully written and easily readable. Written with excellence and fluency. With the author’s words slipping through the mind, there is no impediment to the flow of the story. I found Razia Sultana novel book to be both entertaining and informative. It cannot be classified as a romance novel.

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Razia Sultana is Khan Asif’s influential Urdu novel chronicling the legendary life of Razia Sultan, the first female ruler of the Delhi Sultanate. Blending history and fiction, the book vividly brings alive Razia Sultan’s struggles and triumphs as she confronted enemies and traitors.

Asif provides intriguing perspective on Razia’s reign during a turbulent period, highlighting her courage and visionary leadership. Well-researched yet accessible, Razia Sultana novel succeeds as an entertaining and illuminating portrait of an exceptional woman who left an indelible mark on India’s Islamic history.

Through his powerful storytelling, Asif has ensured the continued legacy of the extraordinary Razia Sultan.

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