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Aag Ka Darya is a landmark historical novel written by Qurratulain Hyder. It provides great background information on how the Indian subcontinent became split into two nations in this novel. Aag Ka Darya book has been described as one of the Indian One of the best-known novels from the Subcontinent. The book (originally published in 1959) was translated into English in 1998 as River Of Fire.

Aag Ka Darya novel is the most famous recitation of Qurat ul Ain Haider and one of the great novels of Urdu literature.

What about the author of Aag ka Darya book (Qurat ul Ain Haider)?  

Qurat ul Ain Haider is a well-known novelist and fictional writer. She was an Indian Urdu novelist and short story writer, a scholar, and a journalist. Among the most prominent names in Urdu literature,

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Historical Backgorund of Novel Aag ka Darya

When the Aag ka Darya novel was first published in 1957, it caused some controversy. Some critics argue that the River of Fire is based on Virginia Woolf’s autobiography Orlando. A 300-year story is told in this novel.

Likewise, Qurat-ul-Ain Haider also suffered harassment because of this novel. The novel explores the subcontinent’s classical, medieval, colonial, and modern periods through four characters, Gautam, Champa, Kamal, and Cyril.

With Ag Ka Darya, Qaranovels Ain Haidar has brought Urdu novels to the top of your list of ideas novels in the world. This is a significant success of novel writing in the twentieth century. It would not be wrong to say that the canvas of this novel is very wide. It covers India’s thousands of years of cultural history. Umrao Jaan Ada allows readers to learn about the customs and society of Lucknow.

Aag Ka Darya Novel Summary:

This novel presents different aspects of Indian civilization in Pakistan. The novel was sometimes opposed, but serious circles embraced it.

  • The book is divided into four parts.
  •  Chandragupta Maurya’s era (400 BC).
  • India’s collapse and the arrival of the Mughals.
  • Britain’s arrival in India and its rule.
  • India’s partition. (1930-1950)

Aag Ka Darya is a brilliant novel in which Haidar uses the river as a symbol of time. Time has changed its speed. It changes in a way that is free from the cycle of life and death because time never dies. Discover Pakistan’s born history through this novel. Read Umera Ahmed’s novels like Peer E Kamil and Alif Novel. Explore our Urdu Literature books Library.

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