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Bagh O Bahar Book By Mir Amman

Bagh O Bahar by Mir Aman Dehlvi is a fictional book, which he wrote at Fort William College on the orders of John Gilchrist. It is a collection of allegorical stories by Amir Khusro written in Persian in the early 13th century .this is translated book. Before it was translated into Urdu, it was popular in Persian for a long time under the name “Qissa-e-Chahar Darwish”.

After the publication of this story’s Book  Bagh o Bahar, for the first time in Urdu prose, fluent language and easy wording became the norm. In this story, there is valuable information about Asian customs, especially Delhi, is mentioned with great eloquence. It seems like a natural story.

Mir Amman was most popular for his interpretation of Amir Khusro’s exemplary epic “Qissa Chahar Dervish” (The Tale of the Four Dervishes) from Persian into Urdu.

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Mir Aman has done such magic in Bagh-o-Bihar that as long as the Urdu language is alive, it will remain popular and its value will not diminish with time. The common acceptance in the stories of “Bagh o Bihar” is unmatched by any other Urdu story like Sabras.

Bagh o Bahar pdf story is a milestone in Urdu prose. Because for the first time in Urdu prose, a simple and easy phrase was used which was made possible due to this story? Later, Ghalib’s prose reached this perfection. That is why Maulvi Abdul Haq says that Bagh-o-Bihar is counted in these few books of Urdu prose.

According to my point of view description of the book states that for the first time in Urdu prose, smooth and simple phrases were introduced.” After reading the book bagh o bahar pdf, I thought if it is smooth, how heavy the literature created before it would be.

His understanding is seen as excellent keeping in touch with itself for its usage of contemporary Urdu and was performed on the request of Mr. John Borthwick Gilchrist, a mainstream English analyst of the composition of those days. If you like to read fictional books then see these books Umrao Jaan Ada and Raja Gidth Download many collections of  Urdu literature books Free of cost. visit the website daily.


Bagh O Bahar By Mir Amman is a seminal work that revolutionized Urdu prose. Translated from Amir Khusro’s allegorical Persian epic, it introduced conversational, accessible language and style into Urdu literature for the first time. With its simple diction, fluent phrases and vivid portrayal of Asian traditions, Bagh O Bahar became immensely popular.

It set the course for modern Urdu prose, providing the foundation for later works by Ghalib and others. As the first easy-flowing Urdu story, It occupies a place of pride in the evolution of Urdu narrative art. For those interested in the origins of Urdu literature, it is an important read to understand this transitional period.

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