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Basti(بستی) is considered a partition novel of India/Pakistan authored by Intezar Hussain. It was first published in 1979 and then translated into English. This led to its wide popularity. The literary work is attributed to Muhammad Hassan Askari.

Intezar Hussain(انتظارحسین)comes to us as a novelist, columnist, fiction writer, translator, playwright, critic, commentator, biographer, travel writer, journalist, editor, editor, children’s literature. A few of his notable works are Chiraghon Ka Dhuvan, Basti, Chaand Gahan, Khali Pinjra etc.

Basti Novel Summary | Critical Analysis

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In summary, the story follows a shattered man as he recounts his recollections of youth and his early life. In this narrative, a young professor of history named Zakir tells us the story of his past through his memories.

The main theme of this short story is waiting for war and partition. Zakir, the protagonist of this tale, moves from India to Pakistan in 1947 while leaving behind his love. A novel about North Indian Muslims who have lost their homes and communities.

Although the novel has many characters, the main characters are Zakir, Sabra, and Afzaal

Irfaan and Surender.

In Basti, the author describes the tragedy of migration very well in a situationist tale about Pakistan. Through this story, he has tried to express all the anguish and sorrow that he feels. This novel has made him famous. 

The novel Basti is the romance of the writer’s childhood. This novel has divided the novel into eleven parts. Obviously, the scenes described in each section are different from each other. Despite this difference, there is a logical connection between them.

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