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Ya Khuda By Qudratullah Shahab

Ya Khuda(یاخدا) is a fiction-based historical book written by Qudratullah Shahab about the conditions of the people who migrated during and after the establishment of Pakistan. It was first published in “NAYA DAUR(نیا دور)”. After that, at the insistence of his friends, Qudratullah Shehab published it in book form in Karachi. ( 2014 by Sang-e-Meel Publications.)

About Author (Qudratullah Shahab )

Qudratullah Shahab is an Urdu novelist and writer. He wrote many good books like MaaJi(ماں جی),Nafsanay(نفسانے),Surkh Feeta(سرخ فیتہ),Ya Khuda(یاخدا),Shahab Nama(شہاب نامہ).

Qudratullah Shahab’s name is not new to anyone. But perhaps few people know of any book you have written other than Shahab Nama. The book under discussion, “Ya Khuda” is the greatest fiction novel ever written.

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Ya Khuda Novel By Qudratullah Shahab |Summary | Review

Because of its theme and style, Ya Khuda is a milestone in the literature created in Urdu on the tragedy of riots. When “Ya Khuda” was published in book form, it proved to be the most widely read novel on the subject of riots at that time. People took him by the hand.

As for the arrangement of “Ya Khuda novel”, Qudratullah Shehab has adopted a style that is not only captivating but also unique – one that places it in a prominent position among his contemporary novels. A novel that is divided into three parts in view of the subject and the experiences and feelings associated with it. In addition, it communicates clearly its point of view.

  • Part 1: The Lord of the Orientalists (رب المشرقین)
  • Part 2: Lord of the West (رب المغربین)
  • Part 3: Lord of the Worlds (رب العالمین)

 His study sheds light on the atrocities and injustices perpetrated against refugees under the guise of riots. It also sheds light on the current scenario in which followers of a particular culture and religion paint such paintings on the walls of history. Even today, humanity bows in shame at the sight of them.

His characters, scenes, events, and story all belong to the less imaginative and “Dilshad” east, while his imagination belongs to the Holy Land (West), which refused to accept him. “Ya Khuda” is an unparalleled and bitter literary marquee of truth and bold realism not only in the history of Urdu literature but also in the history of world literature.

ya khuda by qudratullah shahab sample page

Qudratullah Shehab has arranged these three chapters of Novelt in a series like beads. The center and axis of these three parts are “Dilshad”, which is the main character of this novel. The atrocities are brought to light in such a way that a feeling of sympathy for “Dilshad” is created in the heart of the reader.

Ya Khuda Novel Story:-

Ya Khuda(ٰیا خدا) is the story of a Muslim girl(Dilshad) who was victimized by Sikh people. They murdered her father in front of her and raped her multiple times for being a Muslim. 

When she got pregnant they sent her to jail in a fake case and in jail she was also raped by police after that after separation she was sent to a refugee camp in Lahore Pakistan where her own people who were Muslim by the name used her many days and this process is so on in Karachi where a broker gets her into prostitution. She thought that Pakistan would be a paradise and the people of Pakistan became a paradise. But she was wrong.

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Ya Khuda is a powerful and heartbreaking novel by Qudratullah Shahab depicting the tragic events during the partition of India and Pakistan. It follows the story of Dilshad, a Muslim girl who suffers immense brutality at the hands of Sikhs including the murder of her father and repeated rapes. Even after migrating to Pakistan, she continues to experience exploitation and sexual violence.

Through Dilshad’s story, Shahab highlights the devastating impact of communal violence and the failure of society to protect vulnerable women. Despite enduring unimaginable cruelty, Dilshad represents the resilience of the human spirit.

Ya Khuda Novel serves as an important testament to the traumatic birth of Pakistan and an appeal for more compassion towards victims of violence. Though bleak, it ends on a hopeful note, with Dilshad finding inner strength and reconciliation. Overall, Ya Khuda is considered one of Shahab’s most impactful novels and a landmark in Urdu literature.

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