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Before reviewing the novel first introduce the author. Mohiuddin Nawab is Pakistan’s most popular and prolific social story writer. He has written 500 short stories and novels, most for Suspense Digest, a monthly magazine published in Pakistan and India, among other places. Additionally, he has written screenplays for film and television.

What About Devta Novel?

Devta (دیوتا)is a serialized fantasy thriller Urdu novel written in the Urdu language by Mohi-Ud-Din Nawab, which was published in the Urdu monthly Suspense Digest from 1977 to 2010 and became the longest-running and best-selling fiction in Urdu literature. Read Devta novel review and summary.

This novel is a fictional autobiography of Farhad Ali Teymour, whose parents die in infancy after his relatives inherit the property. So Farhad Ali Teymour learns telepathy to acquire his property. It consists of 56 parts.

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Devta Novel Summary & Review

Farhad Ali Taimoor gained his incredible powers through Devata’s telepathy. According to Hindu theology, “Devta” refers to a god or an earthly god. In the story, Farhad faces opponents at every stage and in various form

The following is the story about a young boy named Farhad Ali Taimoor who lives in a small town near Lahore, Pakistan, called Shahdara. He wants to inherit property from relatives that his parents have left. But he uses telepathy to get his inheritance.

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Farhad Ali Taimoor is the main character in the Devta novel. In the story, there is a lot of magic and enchantment. The plot and characters are discernible, and the characters are each unique in their way.

Telepathy ends up giving him mind control powers that make him known as Devta. At different stages in this novel, he faces the underworld criminal gangs of Super Master, Mask Man, and the underworld mafias.

A battle rages between continents and islands, between government circles and private power brokers’ homes. Through a series of stories, Farhad finds himself competing on every stage and in every situation.

Story of Novel Devta

In the beginning, Farhad is a novice until he is confronted by the “Super Master” group of the U.S. spy agency. The Super Master is an underground powerful mega boss working for the U.S. His interests are worldwide, and he manages the United States military, civil government, and financial leaders.

It is the top spy agency with a global network of crime, terror, intrigue, conspiracy, and drug control. The Super Master agency is a top-secret organization. Another rival is Mask Man, which originated in Russia and is led by one leader in each country named Boss. Sadly, as the story Over time, both of these organizations disappeared from the story, and they were replaced by the storyline, making the story seem less credible.

In the story of Farhad’s life, all his friends, enemies, and strangers appear in great detail. People claim that after reading a few pages, they cannot live without reading the entire novel. If one desires to learn about the politics and current affairs of the world, along with the cultures and civilizations of different countries, one must read this book.

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Devta Novel Pdf Download And Read Online

Here is a complete list of all 56 parts of the famous Devta novel. You can download Mohiuddin Nawab to read it offline. To access the following list, please click here. This is one of the most popular Urdu novels.

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