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Khali Pinjra By Intizar Hussain (Short Stories)

Khali Pinjra ( خالی پنجرہ ) is a fictional collection of short stories penned by Intizar Hussain. It contains twelve stories. First the most expensive publisher Sang-e-meel Publications in Pakistan published it in book form. A hard copy of all the short stories is well organized.

Intizar Hussain (1925- 2016) is a leading Pakistani writer. Your fictions, novels, travelogs and other works have an important place in the Urdu language. Your work is very different and unique from your contemporaries which has been well received by both critics and readers.

Intizar Hussain, besides being a respected name in Urdu fiction, was a great challenge to the pioneer fiction writers due to his style and changing tones.

Khali Pinjra Short Story Book Summary

I want to introduce the writing style of well known Urdu writer Intezaar Hussain before describing the summary of a fictional book.The atmosphere of his writings echoes the stories of the past.Regrets, memories of the past, love of the classics, retrospect, lamenting the past and seeking refuge in tradition are very prominent here.

Intezar Hussain (انتظار حسین) was a fiction writer who used figurative and metaphorical style in a novel way.Yet despite all his retrospection and escape and denial of the future, there is a strange kind of warmth and beauty in his writings. It has the same charm one feels in old buildings on moonlit nights. Some similar atmospheres can be felt under the legends.

In this book Khali Pinjra, you will find the following short stories.

  •  Regret (پچھتاوا)
  •  Strange Animal (نرالا جانور)
  •  Relationship ( تعلق )
  •  Empty Cage (خالی پنجرہ)
  • Brother Akhtar (اختر بھائی)
  •  Mushkand, The Forest Of Goons(  مشکند، گونڈوں کا جنگل)
  • The Monkey Story( بندر کہانی)
  • The Story Of The Parrot Mina(طوطے مینا کی کہانی)
  • Good Luck(بخت مارے)
  • Scars And Pain (داغ اور درد)
  • Tazkra-rastakheez Beja, Known As A Story Of Lesson.(تزکرہ ٔ رستخیز بےجا المعروف بہ فسانۂ عبرت۔)


In conclusion, Khali Pinjra is a memorable collection of short stories by renowned Urdu writer Intizar Hussain. With his unique melancholic and metaphorical style, Intizar Hussain evokes nostalgia for the past as he explores themes of regret, relationships, and the human condition.

The stories in this collection showcase Intizar Hussain’s mastery over the Urdu short story format, with their vivid imagery, emotional depth, and philosophical musings.

Khali Pinjra highlights Intizar Hussain’s status as one of the foremost fiction writers of Urdu literature, who brought fresh innovation while remaining connected to tradition. This collection offers a fascinating window into Intizar Hussain’s artistic vision and makes for a worthwhile read for any lover of Urdu literature.

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