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Dastan E Mujahid By Naseem Hijazi

Dastan e Mujahid(داستان مجاہد) is a famous Urdu historical novel written by historian writer Naseem Hijazi. It is Naseem Hijaz’s first novel and was published in 1944. The book tells the story of the glorious period of Muslim conquest in Hispania. Muslim conquerors conquered the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Maghreb during this time.

About Author (Naseem Hijazi)

Naseem Hijazi (نسیم حجازی) was a famous Urdu novelist who held an authoritative position in the field of historical novel writing. His real name was Sharif Hussain but he is mostly known by his pen name “Naseem Hijazi”. Naseem Hijazi’s novels have also been adapted into a number of films and plays in Pakistan. Hijazi specialized in Islamic history.

He was born in 1914 in the Gardaspor district of Punjab before the partition of India. At the time of independence from British rule, his family migrated to Pakistan and spent the rest of his life in Pakistan. He passed away in March 1996.

Dastan E Mujahid Novel Summary & Review

His novels are based on the history of the rise and fall of Muslims who have left their mark on many generations of the Urdu-speaking class. He not only narrates historical events but also depicts the situation in such a way that the reader begins to feel part of the story. He is directly affected by the dialogues of the characters in the novel. Naseem Hijazi Afroz has written novels. The book “Dastan-e-Mujahid” under review is also a novel written by him.

If we come to history, Muslims have a more interesting past than any other nation in history. In the future, our youth will be able to see a pathway brighter than the galaxy if they can lift the veil of ignorance. By doing so, they will be able to see a glimpse of this revolutionary era.

It encapsulates our glorious history. There were three prominent military leaders of the Muslim state at that time who expanded its territory. Qutaiba Bin Muslims, Tariq Bin Ziyad, and Muhammad Bin Qasim are known for their skills as military commanders

In this book, emotions are like roller coasters. Sometimes you’ll be filled with tears and sometimes you’ll be full of determination, and sometimes you’ll just laugh.

It is a story about a soldier who knows what love and devotion are like. I believe that this made these soldiers different from their modern counterparts. They view the world from a totally different perspective. I find it incredibly fascinating. It was because of their sacrifices and strength that they conquered Sindh, Spain, and Central Asia.

This book captivates the reader with its description of the main character, his feelings, and his bravery making you want to read every line with everlasting curiosity. You might like to read Dastan e Mujahid by Naseem Hijazi.

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In conclusion, Dastan-e-Mujahid is Naseem Hijazi’s influential historical novel depicting the glorious Muslim conquests. Through his masterful storytelling, Hijazi brings thereader into the era, making them feel part of the captivating history. The book encapsulates the bravery and strength of early Muslim warriors who expanded the Muslim empire. Overall, Dastan-e-Mujahid novel provides a fascinating glimpse into the triumphant early history of Muslims.

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