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Namal(نمل)is a long Urdu novel full of suspense, horror, and surprises written by Nimra Ahmed which has set a record of favorites. The novel has been published in book form by Ilm-o-Irfan publishers after being published in Urdu Digest for several months. It was released episode by episode, then Namal novel was turned into a Hardcover – January 1, 2017.

Nimra Ahmed

Nimrah Ahmed gained popularity as a novelist and she has become a profile writer. Her unique approach to writing about diverse and untouched topics contributes to her success Topics. The author has written best-selling novels like Haalim, Jannat Kay Pattay, and others. The writing style of Nimra captures the reader from the very first sentence. 

Namal  novel / نمل by Nemrah Ahmed
Namal / نمل by Nemrah Ahmed

Namal Novel Summary & Review

Let me tell you about the title of the novel, Namal, before I review and summarize it. ‘Namal’ is derived from the Surah of Quran (Surah Namal) which means ants. Ants are considered one of Allah’s most weak creations.

Namal” focuses on people who are seen as the weakest members of society, just like the weakest members of ant society.

In this complex matrix novel, the plot revolves around a murder and the relationship between the family members. There is also a focus on money and its evil nature. The central theme of this novel is the conspiracy woven and the misperceptions they create.

This inspiring story by Surah Namal of the Holy Quran is a touching, intense story about brutal murders and clever deceptions, but also provides comic relief as well. Namal is filled with suspense and surprises. Despite the humor and suspense, Namal is a story you will remember for a very long time.

Namal Novel Theme And Characters

The characters in the novel Namal are Saadi(سعدی),Haneen (حنین),Zumar (زمر),Usama(اسامہ),Faaris (فارس),Nosherwan (نوشیرواں),Hashim (ہاشم),Jawahirat (جواہرات),Kardaar (کاردار),Waris( وارث),Sarah( سارہ),Fiona (فیونا),Aabdar (آبدار),Ahmar( احمر). Faris Ghazi is the main character of this fantastic story who was convicted of the murder of his step-brother’s wife.

The atmosphere and characters of this novel are different from the traditional setting and characters of novels written for women. The beginning is like a suspense thriller novel. As the story of the novel grows, so do the characters of the novel. There are so many characters in the novel. In the beginning, there was confusion about different characters again and again.

In Namal you will see different types of people in one place and they all represent some stage of our life. Each of them has both positive and negative aspects. Namal’s characters are not so decent and the negative characters are not wholly evil. You have to embrace the virtues of these gray characters and learn from the evils.

There are many characters in the novel and many stories are taking place at the same time, but in the end, they all come together at one point. The story is very complex and because it is a suspense thriller-type novel, summarizing it may reduce the interest of readers who have not yet read it.

The villain of the novel is a very strong and influential person. Having walked through all the turns of the novel’s story, he regrets in the end that he has also been abused. Even the negative characters in the novel are not completely negative, according to the author. At the same time, there is a feeling that no character in the novel is loved.

Namal Novel Size And Total Pages

In terms of size, Namal is rather long. There are thirty chapters in this novel of more than fourteen hundred pages which are also given titles by the author. Although the novel is thick, it remains captivating. It never leaves you feeling bored from the very beginning.

Namal Novel Read Online And Download PDF

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