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Haalim Novel By Nimra Ahmed

Haalim(حالم) is an excellent time travel Urdu novel written by Nimra Ahmed(نمرہ احمد) full of suspense, thrills, adventure, and all the ingredients of a great fantasy story. Haalim is a long novel with two parts, haalim novel part 1 and haalim novel part 2. A unique aspect of this novel is that it was published in Khawateen Digest. The book was published by Ilm-O-Irfan Publishers in May 2017.

To summarize and review this fantasy novel, and social romantic novel, understand the word “Haalim”, the title of the book is an Arabic word that means “A Dreamer.”

 Young Urdu novelist Nemrah Ahmed is a great writer. She always shows herself as a woman who is bold and brave enough to face challenges. A woman should not rely on a man to survive. the writer has written many books.

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Halim novel sample page
Haalim Novel Book Sample

Haalim Novel Summary And Review

This novel combines the genres of crime, adventure, thriller, romance, and politics, so you won’t get bored except on one or two occasions. Its main characters are all Malaysian, representing Malaysia and Malaysian culture in the story.

This book is a political thriller and supernatural fantasy. However, its theme is the divine love story between an already married man and a young unmarried girl, and the divorce of that man from his first wife.

Haalim Novel Characters

The main characters of the novel are political leader Fatih (فاتح) and a con artist Taaliah (تالیہ) Murad, a professional cheater. Sub characters in the story include Layana Sabri, Taasha (تاشہ),Saasha (ساشا),Asrah (عصرہ),Butler (بٹلر),Datin Paduka (داتن پدوکا),Sikandar (سکندر),Juliana (جولیانہ),Ashar (اشعر),Adam (ایڈم),,Ramzil (رامزل),Huda (ہدیٰ),Ariana (آریانہ) potered excellently.

In the novel, the protagonist, Talia Murad, is adopted by a Pakistani family in her childhood. She was brought up in Pakistan. When she grows up, she returns to Malaysia and never goes to Pakistan again.

Talia Murad, a young girl who has been single all her life, has no family and is looking for her origins. Talia is a visionary with the ability to see dreams that come true. She has been dreaming about herself for some time, which is yet to come true. Her dreams point her to a treasure. He thinks that this treasure belongs to him and he has to find this treasure. In search of treasure, Talia travels back six hundred years.

Theme, Plot, And Story Of The Novel Haalim

The plot of this piece of fiction is set in Malaysia and the main theme of the story is “Time Travel.” All the chapters of this novel are written in Malaysia but few chapters of this novel represent Pakistan and Turkey. This story revolves around the lives of two different characters. Due to the varied characters in the story, the novel is filled with suspense, thrills, and romance that enhance the taste of the story.

Haalim novel story has a great plot, humor, and lots of time travel, making it an excellent adventure read. I would like to thank Nemrah for yet another brilliant piece of fiction. The novel has unique thinking and a nice writing style. I like the way you write your sentences.

Over a period of twenty-two episodes, the reader learns about the characters, their lives, their pains and fears, their strengths and skills. Readers also learn how they overcome obstacles in life.

Haalim Book Length And Pages

This is a top seller epic novel, consisting of 22 chapters and completed in 2 years. This is a huge novel in terms of the number of pages. This novel is a treat for those who typically read lengthy novels. But if you don’t read big books, it may be hard for you to follow the story. The story engages the reader from beginning to end and does not tire or irritate him.

Halim Novel PDF book Teach Us

The story is about how someone becomes a person. By reading this, we are encouraged to have faith in destiny and the Almighty. It teaches us to admit our mistakes and move on. It teaches us to believe in ourselves. Everything we know will work for us, even if it seems insignificant and small. When we realize our mistakes, we are commanded to repent of them. It teaches us that staying on the righteous path is easier than we think it would be. It teaches us about friendship.

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To sum up, Haalim is an engaging and entertaining Urdu novel that cleverly combines elements of multiple genres like fantasy, thriller, romance and politics. Written by the talented young novelist Nimra Ahmed, it takes readers on an exciting adventure involving time travel across 600 years, political intrigue, suspense, and the search for a hidden treasure.

The lengthy novel published in 2017 is set primarily in Malaysia and explores themes of destiny, friendship, repentance and righteous living through its diverse characters like the politician Fatih, con artist Talia Murad and others. Talia’s unique ability to see prophetic dreams is key to the plot.

Nimra Ahmed’s skilled writing, character development and blending of different genres are the highlights of this novel that keeps readers hooked through its 22 episodes. In all, Haalim delivers a fulfilling reading experience for fans of Urdu literature.

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