Akas Bail Novel By Shireen Haider PDF

Akas Bail (اکاس بیل) is a social romantic  &  Social Reforming Novel by Shireen Haider . This novel has been serially published in the monthly magazine Pakeezah before becoming a book. Its original title was Amar Bel, and it was renamed Akas Bail later on. In the form of a book, ILM-O-IRFAN PUBLISHER (علم و عرفان پبلیشر) published it. Before Downloading Akas Bail Novel books know about the book and author of the book.

About Author (Shireen Haider)

Shireen Haider (شریں حیدر) is an established novelist and talented story writer. As a writer, she has published more than a dozen novels and stories in Pakeeza digest  (پاکیزہ دائجسٹ) throughout her career. In addition, Shireen Haider originally wrote the novel under the title of Amar Bail, which was later changed. You are welcome to share Akas Bail Novel Pdf with your friends if you enjoyed it.

Akas Bail novel’s Summary

This is the best novel based on a true  moral story whose characters are living characters around us.This novel depicts a kind & supportive  inlaws . Every woman wishes to have such inlaws in her destiny.

In the case of a daughter-in-law, this story teaches us to treat your in-laws as your home and hold onto the relationship even when it leaves.

In addition, if there is a mother-in-law, treat the daughter-in-law just like a daughter. And don’t let the daughter-in-law realize that she is a daughter-in-law but keep her as a daughter.

A daughter who comes in the form of a daughter-in-law is like a plant which is uprooted from one place and planted in another and takes time to take root. The mother-in-law should cooperate with her and provide a conducive environment.

Download Akas Bail Novel in PDF

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