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Sirf Mohabbat Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq

Sirf Mohabbat(صرف محبت) is a social and urdu fictional romantic story penned by emerging female novelist  Farhat Ishtiaq. A story of discovering love without bounds, sincerity, purity of heart and the significance of family through the eyes of world, a young woman who has been reunited with her paternal aunt against her will, Sirf Mohabbat novel  is a story of discovering love without bounds, sincerity, purity and the importance of blood relations.

Author (Farhat Ishtiaq)

Urdu Novelist Farhat Ishtiaq (فرحت اشیاق) is a notable and accomplished writer. Major Pakistani TV channels adapt half of her writings into TV dramas and movies. Numerous popular novels have been written by her, including;

She has also written many novels based on social issues of Pakistan. She is one of the most prominent female writers in Urdu literature. Her works have earned her multiple awards and nominations.

Sirf Mohabbat novel’s Summary

The main character of this story is a girl. He belongs to a rich family. The whole story revolves around him. Suddenly the business ends after the death of the father. Economically becomes weak. And in search of a job, she  goes to her aunt in Karachi. Her Aunt has two sons  Daood and Asim Dawood falls in love with a girl, but it is not a relationship of social conflict & complications.

This is the first book of Farhat Ishtiaq that I have read, and it was definitely worth reading. The story was very interesting, and I loved how she wrote about it. It was very well paced and flowed smoothly throughout the pages. There were many unexpected twists and turns in this story, which kept me interested throughout each chapter.

The characters of this novel were all very unique to each other; they had their own personalities and traits that made them stand out among others in the same situation or setting. They were also realistic enough to make them relatable to most people living today in Pakistan or any other 

country for that matter.

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I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading Urdu fiction novels or even non-fiction ones like autobiographies or biographies of famous people from Pakistan or elsewhere around the world!

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In conclusion, Sirf Mohabbat is a gripping social romantic novel by Farhat Ishtiaq that explores timeless themes of love, family, and struggle through its engaging characters and plot twists. Centered around a young woman forced to live with her aunt’s family, the novel provides an intimate look at complicated family dynamics and social issues in contemporary Pakistan.

With her empathetic storytelling and powerful messaging about following one’s heart despite societal challenges, Farhat Ishtiaq cements her reputation as one of the foremost Urdu writers of our time.

Sirf Mohabbat Novel is a must-read for fans of Urdu fiction looking for a relatable and emotionally resonant story. With its combination of romantic intrigue and social commentary, this novel highlights Farhat Ishtiaq’s talents in crafting a moving narrative that stays with the reader long after the final page.

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