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Abdullah Novel Complete By Hashim Nadeem

Abdullah novel is a story-based spiritual novel written by acclaimed Urdu author Hashim
Nadeem. was published by Ilm-o-Irfan Publisher in 2011 in book form. However, it was published as a series for years in the Jang weekly Sunday Magazine before it was printed as a book.

Hashim Nadeem is a civil servant and one of the most prolific writers. Many novels have come out of his pen, the titles of which include Khuda Aur Mohabbat, Parizaad, Abdullah, Muqaddas, etc. His novels Khuda Aur Mohabbat and Abdullah gained special popularity.

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Abdullah Novel Summary And Review

Abdullah novel  book sample
Abdullah novel book sample

The main character of the story is Sahir, and there are others such as Zohra and Sultan Baba. In this story, Zohra is a girl with whom he falls in love at first sight and becomes a true lover of God.

The novel is the life story of a man named Abdullah Sahir. The central theme of the novel revolves around moving from virtual to real love. Sahir was an amirzada but a meeting with Zohra changed his life. In search of Zohra, he became a traveler on the paths that the world calls the paths of the dervishes and the poor.

In this novel, the way to reach God is shown through love. A non-mahram’s love is forbidden by their religion, but it can also be a ladder to God for some.

As you read Hashim Nadeem’s writing, you feel as if you are flowing with his fictional story. He creates such suspense at the end of each chapter that you’re anxious to know what’s going to happen next.

The story is full of love, spirituality, Sufism, and romance. Despite not strictly being a romantic novel, Abdullah possesses all the hallmarks of a successful romance novel. Those who enjoy romance novels with a touch of religion will enjoy this novel

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Abdullah is an acclaimed spiritual romance novel by Hashim Nadeem, chronicling a man’s journey from superficial to true love. Through the engaging tale of Sahir and Zohra, it explores how even forbidden love can serve as a path to the divine.

With evocative storytelling and gripping suspense, Nadeem portrays a profound inner transformation catalyzed by profound emotion. Though not strictly a religious parable, Abdullah novel skillfully employs allegory and vivid characters to depict love’s mystical powers.

Blending romance and spirituality, the novel succeeds as an entertaining yet thoughtful tale. Abdullah highlights Nadeem’s finesse in crafting narratives which resonate universally across genres.

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