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Amar Bail Novel By Umera Ahmed

An infamous Urdu fiction, Amar Bail novel is written by a budding Urdu novelist, Umera Ahmed. Monthly Shuaa Digest first published it in episodic form from March 2000 to March 2003. A short time later, it became famous and made a prominent place in Urdu literature’s new era.

Amar Bail Novel Summary

Amar Bell is an inspiring book about an unusual subject. Although this is a novel of more than seven hundred pages, the author has written it thoroughly. This is evident in the way in which the story is told, and the ending will leave its reader with a feeling of sadness.

Urdu novelist Umera Ahmed is one of the most popular writers in the country. In addition to Peer-e-Kamil (SAW) and Aab-e-Hayat, she has also written various best-selling novels.

Generally, Umairah’s novels deal with religious themes or female castes. For many months, Digest has been publishing the novel and it has become very popular. Eventually, it was published in book form. A television drama based on the novel has also been produced.

Characters and Story Theme

In terms of its theme, There’s something romantic about it, but it’s also a story that revolves around Pakistan’s civil society. Through it all, it describes the dilemmas of love, its power, and sacrifices within a telling story of dysfunctional families, distressed relationships, corruption, lust for power, and nepotism. Throughout the book, you can get a glimpse into the minds and hearts of the people who have held Pakistan’s control since its inception. Despite having everything, we realize how empty they are after reading it.

Amr Bell has two main characters:Umar Jehangir and Aleezay Sikandar. The two were cousins, Aliza’s grandparents, Omar’s grandparents. Omar and Aleezay belonged to a family that dominated the civil service.

Omar and Aleezay’s grandparents were the first to join the civil service. After that all his children also chose civil service as a career. These people reached the most influential positions due to their methods and tactics. Now his goal was to benefit himself and his friends and increase his wealth. Aleezay and Omar were two incomplete and difficult characters in this family. Aliza’s mother had left her with her grandparents due to separation from her husband and subsequent remarriage.

Aleezay has always longed for the love and attention of her parents. Although her parents used to send her gifts, she was happy in her newly acquired life. They had more children whom he loved and cared for but never found a place for Aleezay in their homes. Aleezay felt inferior because of this. She became a quiet, isolated and isolated girl. She was very positive about her life and had very few friends.

In the novel, the author runs the story of the past and the present side by side and leaves it up to the reader’s intellect to guess whether it is a matter of the past or the present. Upon reading a After a few chapters, the reader becomes familiar with this style of writing and the story fills in where it was left out in the previous chapter. The story of corruption in the civil service runs well in the novel. The author also tells the love story of Omar and Aleezay. Despite these two imperfect and broken personalities, the author is able to portray the psychology of the characters well.

The story of Omar and Aliza is not a typical romance. Despite his love for Aliza, Omar never expressed his love for her because he felt that she was not the right person for him. Despite this, he said that Aliza was the only person in the world whom he would never allow to suffer.

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Wrap Up

Amar Bail is an acclaimed Urdu fiction novel by Umera Ahmed, depicting a tragic love story against the backdrop of corruption in civil service. Through its nuanced characters like the troubled cousins Umar and Aleezay, the book provides an insightful look into dysfunctional families, power politics and the empty lives of Pakistan’s elite class. With its unique narrative style and psychological depth, Amar Bail novel has become a prominent novel in modern Urdu literature. Though not a typical romance, it impactfully portrays complex human emotions and relationships.

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