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Ibetad E Ishq Novel By Malisha Rana

Ibetad E Ishq novel is an electronically published romantic fiction by popular modern novelist Malisha Rana. It is yet to be published in hard copy or printed book form. It is a series of exciting and vivid romantic novels circulated on social media.

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Malisha Rana is one of the most talented novelists of our time. Her work has been featured on several social media platforms. Several of her novels have been published electronically. Many readers have enjoyed them. However, none of his novels or works have been published in books.

The novelist has told the story in a very effective way. There aren’t many characters in this novel who do their job well. His main characters are Arman and Arisha. It is a story of love that begins with love. I hope that all those who read novels and literature have benefited.

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Wind Up

In Ibetad E Ishq, Malisha Rana demonstrates her talents as a contemporary Urdu fiction writer. Though unpublished in print, the novel showcases Rana’s skill at crafting an immersive romantic tale serialized on social media.

Through well-drawn characters and evocative writing, Rana brings the passions and turbulence of young love to life. Ibetad E Ishq Novel reinforces her reputation for engaging storytelling that resonates with modern audiences. The novel affirms Rana’s prominent place in the evolving landscape of digital Urdu literature.

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