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Aam Lisaniyat by Gyan Chand Jain

Aam Lisaniyat(عام لسانیات) is an excellent linguistic book on the Urdu language written by Gayan Chand Jain. It provides a comprehensive overview of linguistics in Urdu. Taraqqi Urdu Bureau, New Delhi, published it in book form in 1985.

Dr. Gyan Chand Jain(گیان چند جین) is one of the greatest Urdu critics and experts on Ghalib studies. The Indian writer and scholar Gyan Chand Jain specialized in Urdu literature. One of his most notable publications was a study of Ghalib’s works. In addition to his many books, he also wrote Do Likhawat, Do Adab, and Urdu Ki Nasri Dastanain, Lisani Multale, and Tahqeeq Ka Fan which is considered his masterpiece.

Aam Lisaniyat Book Summary

The importance of Gyan Chand in the Urdu language is that for the first time he analyzed the Urdu language according to modern linguistic principles.

In this book, he has described the problems of general linguistics and its branches. Characteristics of language and its historical Advanced technical topics such as evolution, language individuality, regional linguistics, ethnic linguistics, sociolinguistics, psychological linguistics, numerical linguistics, and mathematical linguistics have been covered in Urdu.

The book concludes with a discussion of the history of linguistics, linguistics in ancient India, linguistic studies in the West, the study of Indian languages ​​in Europe, and various schools of thought in the twentieth century.

The book “Aam Lisaniyat” describes how Urdu is related to other languages. Also included are discussions about Urdu script. There is evidence of some language problems as well. The book under review is one of the authoritative books written in Urdu on linguistics.

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Aam Lisaniyat by Gyan Chand Jain is a seminal Urdu book providing comprehensive coverage of linguistics concepts. Analyzing Urdu through a modern linguistic lens, Jain elucidates complex topics like language evolution, regional linguistics and sociolinguistics in an accessible manner.

The book offers invaluable insight into Urdu’s relationship with other languages and its script. By reviewing diverse schools of thought, Jain delivers a holistic overview of the subject.

With its academic rigor and extensive research base, Aam Lisaniyat stands out as an authoritative reference work on linguistics in Urdu. For those interested in understanding the linguistic foundations of the language, this book is an essential read.

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