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Dastan Se Afsane Tak by Waqar Azeem

Dastan Se Afsane Tak pdf book by Syed Waqar Azeem is an Urdu fictional description of Urdu novel and short stories. Syed Waqar Azeem was a famous Urdu writer, translator, researcher, and critic and is also considered as one of the first critics of Urdu fiction.

The author’s first work, Afsana nigari”, has been featured on Construction News. Due to his extensive study of fiction, Waqar Azeem’s understanding of the relationship between story, novel, and fiction, interconnectedness, evolution, and artistic differences and limitations is unparalleled in the field of Urdu criticism.

Waqar Azeem has seen the story of the Goddess in every form and every dress. This pdf book Dastan Se Afsane Tak is a brief description of how many costumes soul fiction has changed from story to fiction. This book has been told about all the stories in Urdu.

Dastan Se Afsane Tak book PDF Sample

Dastan se Afsane tak pdf book Sample page

This book mentions all genres of Urdu fiction. The evolution of the novel, the women’s novel, and the character of Scherer is also mentioned. In this book Dastan Se Afsane Tak pdf, the author has presented tradition and innovation in a short Urdu fiction in a very excellent way. The book discusses the art of Prem Chand and Saadat Hassan Manto.

The creative and living elements of Urdu storytelling were first introduced by Kaleemuddin, followed by Dr. Gyan Chand Jain’s valuable creative book, “Urdu Ki Nasri Dastanen “. But Waqar Azeem has seen the goddess of fiction and story in every form and every dress.

How much the soul of fiction has changed from story to fiction, Waqar Azeem’s book ” dastan Se Afsane Tak ” is a brief description of this. It should be noted that this book has been included in the Urdu post-graduation syllabus of various universities as a reference book and it should be a definite part of the study of every student of Urdu literature. Read another Urdu tanqeed book Tanqeedi Dabistan by Saleem Akthar.  visit daily this Urdu literature books Library.


To wrap up, Dastan Se Afsane Tak by Syed Waqar Azeem is a seminal work on the evolution of Urdu fiction from ancient tales to modern short stories. As an eminent critic and scholar, Azeem provides unparalleled insights into the development, interconnections, and artistic merits of different forms of Urdu fiction.

The book comprehensively covers various genres, women’s writing, character analysis, leading writers like Premchand and Manto, besides the traditions and innovations shaping Urdu narrative art.

Dastan Se Afsane Tak emerges as an authoritative reference on the fascinating journey of Urdu storytelling from folk dastans to modern afsanas. It continues to hold value for students and scholars of Urdu literature.

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