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Lisani Multale By Gayan Chand jain Book

Lisani Multale by Gayan Chand Jain pdf book is a comprehensive book. Gyan Chand Jain was a linguistic researcher and writer who belongs to India. LISANI MUTALE is one book that has a great place in the study of the Urdu language. It provides information on Urdu language studies and language and expression. It also mentions the early ideas of Urdu.

This book “LISANI MUTALE” describes the relationship of the Urdu language with other languages. This book also discusses Urdu script. It also contains evidence of some problems with the Urdu language. Some of the authoritative books written on linguistics in Urdu include the book under review.

LISANI MUTALE pdf book   Sample Page

LISANI MUTALE pdf book Sample page

In This pdf book “LISANI MUTALE” Discussing the diversity of linguistics in the articles of the book, an attempt has been made to prove that the modern branch of linguistics is analytical linguistics, the most important field of which is phonetics numerous articles on writing, language and general linguistics have been carefully assigned to the paper.

 Following Topics covers LISANI MUTALE pdf book such as Urdu texts, Urdu lyrical sounds, and Urdu script reform have significantly increased the Urdu vocabulary. There is also talk of some historical golden sayings. In the title “The Question of Mahatma Gandhi and Bhasha”, Gandhi’s idea of ​​the importance of Urdu was presented:”

It is important for Indians to know both Urdu and Hindi. In that case, we will be able to get English out.” In any case, this book introduces you to various aspects of linguistic study. So download this book free to know about Urdu linguistics and the beginning of the Urdu language. You can also download and read the following books to enhance your knowledge.  Dastan Se Afsane Tak by Waqar Azeem and Tanqeedi Dabistan  Saleem Akhtar .


In conclusion, Lisani Multale by Gayan Chand Jain is a comprehensive book on Urdu linguistics. The author provides insights into Urdu language studies, origins, script, vocabulary, and relation to other languages. He discusses analytical linguistics, phonetics, orthography reforms, and historical idioms.

The book highlights Gandhi’s views on promoting Urdu and Hindi together to replace English in India. Overall, Lisani Multale is an authoritative work introducing various facets of Urdu language research. It is a valuable read for anyone interested in understanding the linguistics and origins of Urdu.

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