Tahqeeq Ka Fan By Gyan Chand Jain

Tahqeeq Ka Fan (تحقیق کا فن ) is an excellent book on research in Urdu literature. It describes all the topics of research very neatly and clearly. The book was published in 1990 by the Uttar Pradesh Urdu Akademi. This book has a great place in Urdu research.

Before explaining Book Tehqeeq ka fun, we need to know what exactly is research, how to conduct research, and how to utilize research principles.

Tahqeeq Ka Fan Sample/تحقیق کا فن
Tahqeeq Ka Fan Sample/تحقیق کا فن

Research and Importance of Tahqeeq Ka Fan Book In Urdu

Research is an investigation that looks for facts and draws new conclusions by studying materials and sources. Research is a time-consuming and tiresome task. After hard work, this laborious task becomes clumsy or random due to not observing a few research principles.

Thus, the researcher needs to consider the research principles and the points of the research. In Urdu, there is a lack of information about research and its principles. It might be because Urdu is a relatively newborn language.

In the beginning, Urdu could read, listen, and write, but people were not interested in writing about research subjects. Due to this, not fare well in the literature on research. People put a few books in front of them for research. Every age brings new principles, so a new book or new edition is needed to compile them.

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The book by Gyan Chand is also excellent for introducing new ءresearch methods in Urdu Teqeeq(اردو تحقیق). It provides a detailed explanation of research methods, how to start a research study, etc. How to use research principles, read content, and create notes are discussed in the book. 

Read Tahqeeq Ka Fan By Gyan Chand Online[PDF]

This book is definitely a great help for research students and everyone needs to read it. So that they can do their research in a scientific way. The most comprehensive book on the subject of the art research. Here you can download more Urdu Tahqeeq Books in pdf. Download PDF Urdu novels, CSS books, Urdu Afsanay, etc. by visiting our website daily.   


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