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Tanqeedi Dabistan Book By Saleem Akhtar

Tanqeedi Dabistan book by Saleem Akhtar is a rare book written on criticism.  The First edition of this book comes in to view on 1974. Urdu Adab Ki Mukhtasar Tareen Tareekh and Tanqeedi Dabistan is the reason for the author’s fame. This book is included in the MA Urdu syllabus, Not only in the Urdu curriculum in Pakistan but also the MA Urdu curriculum of Bangladeshi universities.

Tanqeedi Dabistan pdf book is a small effort to study criticism. The style of this book Tanqeedi Dabistan is simple and easy to understand. Anyone familiar with Urdu literature can understand this book. If we read this book, we will know. I hope that this book will be useful for those who belong to Urdu literature.

PDF book Sample Page

Tanqeedi Dabastan pdf book Sample page
Tanqeedi Dabastan pdf book Sample page

It will open the doors for the readers to the correct study and enjoyment of world literature. Will open It explains all types of criticism. When we read this book, we find it a critical informative book Tanqeedi Dabistan. This book describes the different kinds of writings and creations. By reading this book these writings are observed, it is judged in terms of a creative temperament.

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After reading this pdf book, we learn that art is tested on the criterion of critique, then care is taken as to the quality of the creation, then it is tested on the same criterion of critique.

In this book Tanqeedi Dabistan, the author has described the school of criticism and critique. Like the art school, there are different schools of criticism in which there are descriptive criticism, scientific, comparative, spiritual, aesthetic, impressionistic, historical, social, psychological, Marxist, Schools such as Haiti, Stylistic and Structural Criticism have been described. If you are interested in Urdu Criticism read more book criticism books like Tanqeed Kya hai by Aale Ahmad Suroor and Arastu Se Eliot Tak by Jameel Jalibi. So visit daily this Urdu literature books library to  Download Urdu literature ebooks.


Tanqeedi Dabistan By Saleem Akhtar is a seminal work on literary criticism in Urdu. As one of the rare books on Urdu tanqeed, it provides a concise overview of the history and evolution of criticism. Written in simple, accessible language, the book elucidates various schools of criticism from descriptive to Marxist schools. It explains critical analysis, judgment of literary works, and the temperament required for critique.

It emerges as an authoritative primer, introducing readers to principles of tanqeed to better understand, evaluate and appreciate literature. Its inclusion in MA curriculums across South Asia demonstrates its enduring value for students of Urdu literature.

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