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Urdu Afsana Ek Sadi Ka Qissa By Dr. Anwar Ahmad

Urdu Afsana Ek Sadi Ka Qissa pdf book is the best effort of Dr. Anwar Ahmed.  Dr. Anwar Ahmed is an Urdu fiction writer; scholar and critic. This book describes the art of Urdu fiction writers. This book contains biographies and the art of Urdu fiction writers. The biographies and services of all Urdu fiction writers are very well described in this book.

In this pdf book, “Urdu Afsana Ek Sadi Ka Qissa ” the author has proved that he is the best writer by explaining the art before describing the biographies of the fiction writers. What is the art of fiction writing and how the fiction writer has to create stories? He also mentioned the history of fiction and the circumstances that influenced the art of Urdu fiction۔

PDF Book Sample Page

Urdu Afsana Aik Sadi Ka Sample page

At the beginning of the Urdu Afsana Ek Sadi Ka Qissa pdf book, the writer explains that the dust and color of riots can be seen in Urdu fiction after the establishment of Pakistan. The name of this book was Urdu Fiction Research and Criticism. It was a research paper of an author which he published in form of a book. The special feature of this book is that its style and expression is simple.

 The special feature of the Urdu Afsana Ek Sadi Ka Qissa pdf book is that its style and expression are simple. This book has been written for the students. And the intellectual level of the students has been taken into consideration. It mentions all the elements which have affected Urdu fiction. All twentieth-century fiction writers have completely penned this century.  I think you may desire to read more Urdu fiction stories Tamasha by Mansha and London ki Ek Raat Sajjad Zaheer. Keep visit daily This Urdu literature books Library.


Urdu Afsana Ek Sadi Ka Qissa by Dr. Anwar Ahmed is a seminal work chronicling a century of Urdu fiction. It provides incisive profiles of eminent fiction writers along with a scholarly analysis of the art and evolution of Urdu short stories and novels. The book contextualizes the socio-political environment that shaped Urdu narrative prose in the 20th century.

With its simple style and consideration of student readership, it lucidly covers the styles and contributions of key writers of this period. As an authoritative history and critical study of modern Urdu fiction, this book is an essential read for anyone interested in exploring the storied journey of Urdu afsana right from its origins to contemporary times.

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