Urdu adab Ki mukhtasar tareen tareekh pdf by Dr. Saleem Akhtar

Many writers have tried their hand at writing a history of Urdu literature. But the shortest history of Urdu literature Urdu Adab Ki mukhtasar Tareen tareekh written by Dr. Saleem Akhtar is an authoritative and comprehensive book based on the modern history of Urdu.

It describes the history of Urdu literature in a very detailed manner. It is the most popular book in the history of Urdu literature. Urdu Adab Ki mukhtasar Tareen tareekh is the second most popular book after Aab e Hayat. People who have a taste and interest in Urdu literature, teachers, and students needed a book that would provide the necessary information, fundamental data, and relevant opinions about Urdu language and literature and meet their expectations.  So the shortest history of Urdu literature fills their desire.

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The students who come to Pakistan to learn the Urdu language get advantage from it. The Central Government has included it in the CSS examination syllabus Urdu Adab Ki mukhtasar Tareen tareekh is an excellent book for the preparation of Urdu CSS  paper.

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Urdu adab Ki mukhtasar tareen tareekh

The main reason for the general acceptance of the book is that the major and minor literary histories of Urdu literature are at least forty years old from the beginning of Urdu till 2010. In which Urdu poetry, Urdu novels, Urdu fiction, Urdu philosophy, and the beginning of poetry have been described in a very good way. The words of the poets of Dabistan Delhi and Lakhno have been examined from research and a critical point of view. This book provides excellent information to the reader about the movements involved in the promotion and dissemination of Urdu. It also mentions the evolution of Urdu journalism and journalistic journals.

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