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Nazar Aur Nazariye by Aale Ahmad Suroor

Nazar Aur Nazariye(نظر اور نظریے) is a thought-provoking and critical essays book by Ale Ahmad Suroor(آل احمد سرور). This book contains thirteen articles. Some are articles on Bernard Shaw that appeared in the early sixties. The author wrote all the pieces in this book based on his reflections.

In this critical essay book, the author has presented excellent material on Bernard Shaw, Gorky, and translation and terminology.

The author explains in this book his thoughts on how enlightenment spreads in the world of literature and criticism.

Ale Ahmad Suroor

In addition to being a poet, critic, and scholar from India, Ale Ahmad Suroor also taught at various universities. His most significant contribution to literature is his literary criticism. As a literary critic, he was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award by the Government of India in 1974.

Nazar our Nazariye/نظر اور نظریے
نظر اور نظریے

Nazar Aur Nazariye by Aale Ahmad Suroor Summary | Review

In the articles of this Urdu Tanqeed book Nazar Aur Nazariya, Ale Ahmad Suroor has explained how much personality is involved in poetry, the correct concept of language, cultural background, themes, national perspectives, and public opinion regarding the language of poetry. What is unique about the chessboard?

Similarly, he expressed considerable satisfaction over modern Urdu criticism and highlighted the importance of various critics on the relationship between research and criticism.

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Everyone else is in their seventies. All in all, they will contain ideas about literature and literary issues. Students of literature can use these ideas to gain new insights into literature and its various genres. The only condition is that you must try to understand instead of favoring.

All of his articles have been written at different times. And have been read in scholarly and literary gatherings. Sometimes there will be the repetition of certain words or ideas.

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Ale Ahmad Suroor’s thought-provoking essay collection Nazar Aur Nazariye offers insightful literary analysis spanning theater, fiction, and criticism. Suroor elucidates complex topics like language, artistic personality, cultural contexts, and translating terminology with remarkable clarity.

While diverse in subject matter, the essays are unified by Suroor’s distinctive perspectives on the interplay between literature and society. Suroor critiques and contextualizes seminal figures like Bernard Shaw and Maxim Gorky. Throughout, his balanced commentaries highlight the role of enlightened criticism in advancing literary discourse.

Though written decades ago, the essays in Nazar Aur Nazariye remain intellectually stimulating. Suroor’s immaculate reasoning and persuasive prose explain his stature as a defining

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