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Tanqeed Aur Jadeed Urdu Tanqeed By Wazir Agha Book

Tanqeed aur jadeed urdu tanqeed by wazir agha pdf is an important book on criticism. This pdf book can be divided into two parts, the first part is about absolute criticism, under which the meaning and demands of criticism. And the main concept is the background of criticism and the description of critical activities in the West.

the second part according to Tanqeed aur jadeed urdu tanqeed by wazir agha pdf book consists of modern criticism, under which the background of modern Urdu criticism, the beginning of modern Urdu criticism, modern Urdu Important topics such as the horizontal perspective of criticism, the vertical perspective of modern Urdu criticism and modern Urdu critique have been discussed.

Tanqeed aur jadeed urdu tanqeed by wazir agha pdf

Meaning has made a serious effort to keep the reader of all these Urdu critiques informed. It was Dr. Wazir Agha who introduced modern criticism. Wazir Agha is remembered in two ways. Second, he introduced Urdu criticism to modern psychological discourses.

Dr. Wazir Agha has a place in the history of Urdu criticism. In the beginning, this book tells us what literature is. What is criticism? And it shows that the calendar and interpretation of literature are due to criticism.

According to Tanqeed aur jadeed urdu tanqeed, criticism started in the seventeenth century. It contains raisins of critical ideology. It states that modern, like poetry and essays, Urdu criticism has also been imported from the West.

He has written more than 50 books. By reading them, the reader who belongs to Urdu now can benefit. If You are Interested In Urdu tanqeed another book Maghribi Tanqeed ka Mutaala by Abid Siddique to grab more knowledge about Urdu criticism.


Tanqeed Aur Jadeed Urdu Tanqeed By Wazir Agha is a seminal study on evolution of modern Urdu literary criticism. The book elucidates fundamental concepts, Western critical thought and activities that shaped Urdu tanqeed.

It provides insightful commentary on pioneers of modern Urdu criticism and their adoption of new, predominantly psychological, perspectives. As an erudite critic, Agha’s analysis of critical theory and its indigenous application makes this book an authoritative resource.

For those interested in tracing the origins and advancements of critical discourse in Urdu, Tanqeed Aur Jadeed Urdu Tanqeed is an indispensable read.”

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