Nazm E Jadeed Ki Karwatain By Wazir Agha

Nazm E Jadeed Ki Karwatain (نظم جدید کی کروٹیں) book by Wazir Agha contains critical and analytical essays about the poetry of ancient and modern poets of the Urdu language and literature. In the monthly Adabi Dunya (ادبی دنیا), these essays appeared.

Nazm E Jadeed Ki Karwatain Book Critical Analysis

This Urdu Tanqeed book is a compilation of criticism written by Wazir Agha (وزیرآغا). The book mentions eleven poets that represent the evolution of Urdu poetry to the present day.

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In this book, Iqbal, Noon Meem Rashid, Meera Ji, Majeed Amjad, Yusuf Zafar, Qayyum Nazar, Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, Akhtar Iman, Zia Jalandhari, Bilraj Komal, and Dr. Wazir Agha embraced, recognized, and appreciated modern poetry in Urdu literature.

Nazm E Jadeed Ki Karwatain
Nazm E Jadeed Ki Karwatain book sample

Wazir Agha laid the foundation for regular work on independent poetry (جدید‎ نظم) in the tradition of Meera Ji. This book is also noteworthy in that the author himself is a talented poet of independent poetry (Jadeed Urdu Nazam). This book is the fruit of the search for the cultural and aesthetic identity of modern poetry.

I have mentioned, Towards the end of the twentieth century, he published a series of articles on the artistic and intellectual achievements of modern poets, one by one. These articles were published in the monthly Adabi Dunya. Before starting the context of the discussion, it seems appropriate to make a brief introduction to the contents of the book.

The foreword to this book was written by Salahuddin Ahmed, while the poem and its background and a full thirty-five-page title entitled Urdu Poetry have been penned by the author himself.

The first article in this book Nazm E Jadeed Ki Karwatain is on the poetry of the poet of the East(شاعر مشرق) and the title of the article is “An Example of Naturalism(فطرت پرستی کی ایک مثال)”. The fact is that Iqbal is one of the foremost writers on natural phenomena.

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