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La Hasil Novel By Umera Ahmed

La Hasil novel is a classic socio-tale written by Umera Ahmed. In this fictional story, the author explores the lives of people who are driven by desire, belief, pride, and bias – as well as their attempts to overcome their challenges. Khawateen Digest published the story from September 2001 to December 2001.

La Hasil Novel Summary & Review

La Hasil novel tells a story about individuals who have overcome numerous trials throughout their lives. People who live by their own desires, beliefs, pride, and prejudices. There is a theme of redemption and repentance. You walk on the path of self-correction and truth after getting out of the dirt. The story illustrates the fact that nothing else matters when one receives the light of God.

There are two parallel stories in this novel, which are seamlessly interconnected at the end.
Throughout the novel, the main theme is resolving issues between two married couples.

Novel’s Charaters and Story

Mazhar and Catherine are the main characters in the first story set in London. Mazhar is a Pakistani boy, and Katherine is a British citizen. Zaid and Maryam are the subjects of the second story, which takes place in Lahore, Pakistan.

Khadija Noor (Catherine) is a symbol of faith, patience, and self-sacrifice. Her life has been marked forever by the betrayal of her Pakistani father by her mother Ruth. According to Mazhar, a seemingly practical Muslim, Islam is in his hands. In contrast, Maryam, another main character, is enslaved to her desires.

This is a story about a woman, her spiritual journey, her pain, her struggles, her joys, and her smiles. It is also about the obstacles in her life caused by people who are eager to punish but never willing to forgive.

Humanity suffers from many evils, but one of the most harmful is the superiority complex. We have the same advantage if we have a little more knowledge or a better asset than anyone else. Having high standards leads us to think we are superior, to have arrogance, to judge those who are weaker than us, and to severely punish those who are dependent on us. As we live our lives, we often forget that God is the judge. No matter what we do today, tomorrow, or every day, God knows everything.

La Hasil novel reveals one of the most negative aspects of human nature. As long as we are tainted by our own lives, we always judge the actions, words, and destiny of those around us. Imagine what our lives would be like if we left our lives in the hands of such people.

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Umera Ahmed’s acclaimed novel La Hasil provides piercing social commentary through an absorbing tale of two troubled marriages. With eloquent prose, the book explores arrogance, betrayal and the toxicity of judgment. La Hasil sends a powerful message about avoiding egotism and cruelty when we all answer to a higher authority. An enduring socio-fiction classic, the novel displays Ahmed’s brilliance in fusing entertainment with introspection.

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