Download Romantic Urdu novel Mohabbat Rog Hai Jana in PDF by Ayesha Akram

Mohabbat Rog Hai Jana (محبت روگ ہے جاناں) is a well-known Urdu novel penned by the famous novelist Ayesha Akram. The novel is a socio-romantic story that portrays the lives of people who have lost their love and are struggling to cope with the aftermath.

Summary & Storyline

The story of the novel revolves around multiple characters, but the central characters are a couple who showcase different shades of love, making the novel a romantic read. However, there are also other characters in the novel who deeply loved each other but due to some minor mistake, they lose their love, making the plot more complicated.

The author beautifully depicts the regrets and sorrows of those who lost their love due to minor mistakes, leaving a deep impression on the reader’s mind.

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If you’re interested in reading “Mohabbat Rog Hai Jana” by Ayesha Akram, you’ll be glad to know that the novel is easily accessible online. You can easily access the novel online, either by reading it online or downloading it in PDF format. Links to access the novel are widely available, and with a simple click, you’ll be able to find it.

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