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Zara Thehar Jao Novel By Malaika Rafi

Zara Thehar Jao is a charming Urdu novel by the talented writer Malaika Rafi. This novel boasts a beautifully crafted romantic storyline that highlights the joy and fulfillment of spending a lifetime with one’s true love.

 With its vivid descriptions and engaging characters, Zara Thehar Jao is a must-read for romantic literature fans looking for a heartwarming and emotionally charged tale. 

Whether you’re a seasoned reader or a newcomer to the genre, you will find something to love in this charming and memorable novel.

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Table of Contents


The novel “Zara Thehar Jao” follows the story of Nihan, a young woman who has just completed her studies and embarks on a trip to Turkey. There, she meets Talal, the son of a friend of her mother, a married man with a child and a wife in a coma from an accident. 

Despite their challenges, Nihan and Talal spend time together and eventually fall in love. However, their relationship is plagued by difficulties and obstacles that test the strength of their love. 

This novel is a captivating and romantic tale that will surely appeal to those who enjoy stories centered around love and relationships. It’s an excellent choice for fans of the romance genre.

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In conclusion, Zara Thehar Jao by Malaika Rafi is an elegant Urdu novel with a captivating romantic storyline. It celebrates the joy and fulfillment that come from life spent with true love, offering vivid depictions and engaging characters – making this heartwarming tale an absolute must read for lovers of romantic literature!

It offers something to please both veteran readers and newcomers to the romance genre alike. Following Nihan and Talal through their turbulent romance is something everyone will enjoy; its captivating romance will certainly ring true with any reader interested in love-centered tales like these; making this tale an excellent option for fans of romance fiction alike!

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