Deewan e Dard by Khawaja Mir Dard Pdf

Deewan e Dard by Khawaja Mir Dard Pdf Urdu poetry book.  Khawaja Mir Dard is a classical poet whose Urdu Diwan is very short. Dard, Mir Taqi, and Soda are the most important and great poets in Urdu poetry. Dard has built a different mystical word meaning in his poetry.

Khawaja Mir Dard died in the 18th century. It was the time in Urdu poetry when most of the words of Persian used in Urdu. In the time of Mir and Soda’s poetry, if it were not for the different colors of speech, we might have forgotten their poetry by now.

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 When we read the Urdu poetry of Dard  “Deewan e Dard”   We see the mystical form of Islam in his poetry. Khawaja Sahib’s poetry is so wonderful that he influenced a large circle with his small Deewan.

This pdf book “Deewan e Dard” contains Urdu Ghazals, Poems, and Beautiful Kalam of Dard. It contains many poems, ghazals, and stanzas. He had a great command of words and sentences. He belonged to the Dehli School of the poets.

When we read this book Deewan e Dard by Khawaja Mir Dard Pdf, we know that there is a deep meaning hidden in his poetry. In his ghazals, Poet describes affection and feeling in composition and verse.  The work of Khwaja is incredible and amazing, to introduce supernatural love as far as humanly and natural love.  Dard Poetry is a tremendous and melodic style and provocative substances in it. By a long shot, it most loved assortment.

The writer is considered a traditional artist throughout the entire existence of Urdu. He is famous for his Ghazals. He had a place with the Delhi way of thinking in Urdu writers. After Mir Taqi, he is known as the top rundown writer of Urdu Ghazal. I think you are interested in Urdu poetry books. You can also read Urdu poetry books like Nuskha Haye Wafa Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Shab e Charagh by Wasif Ali Wasif. Visit the site daily to download the Urdu books.

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