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Shab e Charagh is a poetry book by Wasif Alif Wasif. The following poetry book consists of Hamd o Naat, Ghazals, Rubayee, and other sentimental songs in the Urdu language. Additionally, it contains patriotic poetry. This book is for anyone who loves Urdu poetry. Shab e Charagh by Wasif Ali Wasif is a tremendous Urdu poetry book.

Know About Writer and  Shab e Charagh by Wasif Ali Wasif

Wasif Ali Wasif was a well-known writer, teacher, poet, and Sufi scholar from Pakistan Pakistan. Wasif has an extraordinary love language. He was famous for his unique literary style. They need to see Muslim solidarity.

On the basis of firm convictions, he gave a message of solidarity to all Muslims. He attempted to satisfy his wants through verse. I consider Wasif Ali Wasif to be a notable author and an essayist of the 20th century.

He was a feature writer, educationist, artist, and scholar. In general, Wasif gave helpful instructions to individuals. In an attempt to restore Sufism, he gave the exercise of harmony and concordance prior significance. He wrote poetry books like Shab e Charagh Harf e Raaz.

As we probably are aware, Wasif needed a dynamic, prosperous, and serene Pakistan. He was proud of the nation and hopeful for its better future. His expectation was that the country would have a superb season. In order to make Pakistan dynamic, Wasif showed his adherents that they must work day and night.

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Shab e Charagh by Wasif Ali Wasif pdf book is a Collection of Beautiful Poetry. Wasif Sahib’s Punjabi Kalam is also present in this book. Reading this book refreshes the soul. As a Sufi, Wasif Ali Wasif’s words are reminiscent of Allama Iqbal’s. Iqbal’s poetic form can be seen in his book. In reading this book’s poetry, the reader is taken into the depths of thought.

There are many great Urdu poets in Urdu literary history who have his style of writing. Wasif Ali Wasif is also a legendary Sufi poet. I hope readers will enjoy the writing style of Wasif Ali Wasif. You may also like other books by writers Shab Raaz, Dil Darya Samundar, Bharay Bharolay, etc.

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