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Kulyat E Iqbal By Allama Iqbal

Kulyat e Iqbal is a compilation of urdu poetry collections, including Bang Dara, Bal Jibril, Zarb Kaleem, and Armaghan Hijaz (part of Urdu) in one volume. Few poets have such a broad readership as Iqbal in India and Pakistan. Anyone interested in understanding Indian Muslim views during the partition would benefit from reading this book.

Kulyat E Iqbal Book Summary And Explanation

This collection of poetry books contains ghazals and poems by Allama Muhammad Iqbal, which can be read from cover to cover. It is no secret that Iqbal is among the poets who are not easily understood. As a radical poet, he describes burning wheat with a handful of torches sometimes and sometimes speaking as a spokesman for nature.

As I mentioned earlier, kulyat e iqbal urdu is a collection of five poetry books by Allama Iqbal. These books are given below.

  • Bang E Dara (بانگ درا)
  • Bal E Jibreel (بال جبریل)
  • Zarb E Kaleem (ضرب کلیم)
  • Armaghan E Hijaz (ارمغان حجاز)

In one place he teaches Islam, in another place he mocks the plight of the pious. Sometimes he loves the Sufi teachings, but at other times he hates them. He is fascinated by Western education at the same time that he is terrified of it. He says somewhere that India represents paradise, and somewhere he laments its desolation.

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Iqbal comes up with a new composition, teaches something, and then shakes the reader with his compositions. Sometimes he sings children’s songs, sometimes he writes about love’s end and says, “I want to end love.” Iqbal’s poetry has many facets. This book should not only be studied by Urdu literature students, but also by anyone. By applying their teachings, one can create a new world.

Comments and stars are not necessary for this book. In any case, I’m not a big fan of poetry. The only poet I believe in is Iqbal. As I see it, Iqbal’s status is higher than that of Ghalib, Mir, and Mirza, among others. 

Kulyat E Iqbal By Allama Iqbal pdf book sample

Iqbal’s poetic style contains hints of philosophy. His works are beautiful because he still uses many of his original concepts today. The concept of Khudi is the foremost of all of the concepts that he uses to motivate people toward self-esteem and understanding their value in society as a whole. Likewise, the importance of rationality and understanding of cause and effect was emphasized through anecdotes from history.


In conclusion, Kulyat E Iqbal is a remarkable collection of poetry by Allama Muhammad Iqbal, encompassing his major works including Bang-e-Dara, Bal-e-Jibril, Zarb-e-Kaleem, and Armaghan-e-Hijaz. Iqbal was a philosopher-poet whose verses delved into complex themes of spirituality, self-realization, and social reform. His distinctive style fused Eastern mysticism and Islamic ideals with Western philosophical thought.

This compilation provides valuable insights into the Indian Muslim experience leading up to the partition, voiced through Iqbal’s passionate poetry. He highlighted concepts like Khudi (self-esteem) and exhorted the youth to shape their destiny.

While often complex, Iqbal’s poetry also contains profoundly moving passages on love, nature, and the human condition. Kulyat-e-Iqbal remains an essential volume for those interested in Iqbal’s philosophy and South Asian literature. Though challenging, readers can gain much by engaging deeply with Iqbal’s visionary and humanistic poetry.

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