Download A List of Jaun Elia Books PDF

Are you ready to download & read Jaun Elia books pdf? Before you download a list of books by the author.  I want to give  Some Information about the Urdu poet Jaun Elia. After a little bit of information about the writer Here you can read and download all his books, poems, and other information.

I am introducing you to the acclaimed poet of Urdu, Jaun Elia. He was one of the most celebrated poets of Pakistan. He is also credited with being a revolutionary poet that revolutionized the history of Urdu literature. His poetry created a revolution in the minds and hearts of his readers.

Jaun Elia is an Urdu poet. He is a great Urdu poet and writer. His pen name is Jaun Elia. Here, you can find all his books in PDF format so that you can download them or read them online. You may also find some of his poetry in this blog under the category “Jaun Elia poetry”.

Read A List Of Jaun Elia Books PDF

Jaun Elia is an Urdu poet and he wrote very nice poetry. I have put together all his books in this post. visit the page to read or download the list of his complete book.

  • Shayad / شاید
  • Farnood / فرنود
  • Lekin / لیکن
  • Gumaan / گمان

Shayad / شاید

Shayed book
Shayed book

It is a great collection of his poetry with the best of his poems. Shayad Jaun Elia Poetry Book Pdf is an excellent collection of his poems and ghazals which are very popular among the readers. He has written many books but this book contains only his best works. Shayad Jaun Elia’s Poetry Book Pdf has been translated into many languages including English and Hindi so that people can read his work easily in their language too.


Lekin / لیکن

Lekin book
Lekin Book

This Urdu poetry collection is a complete package of Urdu poetry in one volume. The book has been written by John Elia in simple language and is easy to understand.

The book contains the following topics:

1- Romantic Poetry

2- Social Romantic Poetry

3- Ghazals

4- Songs 5- Other poems

This book Lekin Urdu poetry book contains a collection of social romantic Poetry, Urdu ghazals, songs, and other poems of John Elia consisting of a total of 100 pages only with 200+ poems included in it. This book has been written beautifully with good use of words that make it easy to understand even by children or teenagers as well.


Gumaan / گمان

guman book
gumaan book

Guman By Jaun Elia is the first book by the poet. The book contains the sonnets, verses, and ghazals of Jaun Elia. It’s anything but a conventional verse book. The poems are essentially about human beings and their thoughts and feelings.

The book Guman was published by Lahooti in 2015. Lahooti is a well-known publisher of Urdu books in Pakistan, so it was natural that they published this book too. They have also published many other books on poetry and literature.


Farnood / فرنود

faranood book
Farnood book

Farnood, published in 2002, is a collection of essays and articles written by Jaun Elia, considered to be the finest Urdu poet of the second half of the 20th century. He migrated to Pakistan in 1958 and died in 2002. In these essays, Jaun discusses politics, culture, history, and linguistics – a wide array of topics. Juan’s style of writing is distinctive in each.


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