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Adabi Istilahat By Dr. Haroon Rasheed Tabassum

Adabi Istilahat is an Urdu terminology book written by Dr. Haroon Rasheed Tabassum. It is full of all the terminologies of Urdu literature and world literature. Many Urdu words with meaning are mentioned in this book.

Adabi Istilahat Pdf Book Analysis

There are many literary tasks that require time, dedication, and significant effort to accomplish, but terminology is one of the most challenging and enduring. Dr. Haroon Rasheed Tabassum was assigned by the Urdu Development Bureau to compile a dictionary of literary terms. He completed it alone in just two years.

Our country’s renowned researcher, critic, poet, columnist, radio broadcaster, compiler, and educator is Dr. Haroon-Ur-Rasheed Tabassum. His literary contributions are well known. He has published more than a hundred books on various literary topics and has gained general recognition. In addition, he has published daily articles on literature and social topics in various journals and newspapers. You can only be consistent in writing in the literary world. He has won several awards and prizes at the national and regional levels. There have been many books written about the personality and art of Dr. Sahib. Further, he has completed M.Phil level research on various aspects of his personality.

  • Mozuati Kalam e Iqbal / موضوعاتی کلام اقبال
  • Mozuati Kalam e Iqbal / موضوعاتی کلام اقبال
  • Taqareer-e-Iqbal / تقاریر اقبال
  • Bait Bazi Kalam e Iqbal / بیت بازی کلام اقبال

This dictionary covers all the terms that are found in Western literature, which makes it very interesting to read. There are many newly introduced terms as well as old ones in the book. This book will appeal to those who are creative, critical, and used to finding original material in the realm of creative experience and reflection.

It has been less than two years since Dr. Haroon Rasheed Tabassum produced his Dictionary of Literary Terms. The book Adabi Istilahat contains both older and more recent terms, which is an interesting feature. Those who are creative and critical will find this book very useful. It contains a lot of information.

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In conclusion, Adabi Istilahat by Dr. Haroon Rasheed Tabassum is a comprehensive Urdu terminology book covering all major literary terms. It includes both classical and contemporary terms related to Urdu and world literature. As a key reference manual, Adabi Istilahat features new and old terminologies in an accessible format. With its expansive coverage, it serves as an invaluable resource for students, researchers, critics and anyone interested in Urdu literature and linguistics. The dictionary demonstrates the scholar’s dedication in compiling a wide-ranging and illuminating guide to Urdu literary terminology.

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