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Awaz E Dost Book By Mukhtar Masood

Before book review of Awaz e dost(آوازدوست) do You Know? Some books are like that. Which cannot be left unfulfilled? You would prefer not to complete a few books at a time since you stress over what I will peruse if I finished it rapidly? Awaz e Dost is among those books that you won’t have any desire to complete in a rush.

All along, this book dazzles you, and this sorcery proceeds as far as possible. The firm impression of this book stays at the forefront of your thoughts, and you accidentally make the suppositions introduced in the book a piece of your reasoning.

Muhtar Masood (Author)

Muhtar Masood was the best Urdu writer and bureaucrat. Mukhtar Masood is a person associated with Aligarh. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s idea does not influence an Alig. He does not deserve to be known as Alig since the corrective color has been prominent in the Sir Syed movement. Muhtar Masood’s literary work is Awaz-e-Dost, Harf-e-Shauq, Loh e Ayyam, and Safar e Naseeb.

Awaz e Dost pdf Book summary:

Awaz e Dost by Mukhtar Masood pdf is a famous Urdu book. The Date of publication of this book is 1973.

Awaz e Dost Book Sample

Awaz e dost pdf book sample page

Awaz e Dost is a two-part mental account in which the reader is wholly lost. And Mukhtar remains in the grip of Masood. His first No final decision has yet been made on the nature of the two articles.

Awaz e dost Book Sections

  • Minar-e-Pakistan (ﻣﯿﻨﺎرﭘﺎﮐﺴﺘﺎن)
  • Qehat-ur-Rijaal(قحط الرجال)

I mentioned earlier the Book Awaz e dost has two articles: one long short and the other longer. There is a relation between thought and blood in these two articles. The short essay is “Minar e Pakistan,” and the long article is “Qehat-ur-Rijaal” Judging by the writings of Mukhtar Masood, the words are worthy of praise, and the sentences are unanswerable.

Saying about this book is that Awaz e Dost by Mukhtar Masood pdf book and Aab-e-Hayat could be both praised and criticized, and this feature is only available to two books, one to “Aab e Hayat” and the other to “Awaz e Dost.

All of Sir Syed’s essays were written under the influence of European civilization. In the same way, giving a systematic form and summarizing some scientific ideas in this book is like echoing the essays of Sir Syed.

Some critics call them articles, some essay-like articles, and the famine of men. Awaz e dost book, word for word, point by point, link to link, and thus travel to the past, present and future. Awaz e dost book gives an individual perspective on Pakistan history through expectations, goals, longings, emotions, and motivations of an individual.

I think that readers will enjoy reading this book, Awaz e Dost by Mukhtar Masood. And also like to read more books of Mukhtar Masood books in pdf format available on this website. I recommend reading this book. Raja Gidh pdf novel by Banu Qudsia.


Awaz E Dost stands out as one of the most thought-provoking Urdu books that lingers long after you have read the last page. Penned by the luminary Muhtar Masood, this collection of two enthralling essays – ‘Minar-e-Pakistan’ and ‘Qehat-ur-Rijaal’ – takes readers on an introspective journey through history, philosophy and human psychology.

Written in Masood’s inimitable literary style, the book offers profound reflections on the past, present and future of the human condition. Awaz-E-Dost beautifully balances critical analysis with creative imagination. The essays touch on universal themes that continue to resonate with readers across generations.

Masood’s deep sensitivity, wisdom and humanism shine through in this modern classic. It deserves its place among the finest works of Urdu literature for its intellectual rigor and emotional resonance.

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