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Humsafar Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq

Humsafar novel(ہم سفر ناول) is a bestselling social fiction book written by Farhat Ishtiaq. It is a tale about egotistical conflicts in families and relationships Misunderstandings, selfishness, and self-interest. Ilm-o-Irfaan publishers published it in 2008 as a complete novel based on articles that appeared in the Monthly Khawateen Digest.

Farhat Ishtiaq(فرحت اشتیاق) is a well-known scriptwriter and author of Digests for Women. Many long and short novels and fiction have come out of her pen. She is usually known for light and romantic stories and the heroes of her stories are usually very caring. In addition to HumSafar, she has written Mutaa Jan To, Bin Roye Aansu, etc.

Humsafar Novel Summary | Review

As the media develops, the trend of transforming novels into dramas is on the rise. Many Hollywood films are adapted from novels. Many popular films have been made on novels like the Harry Potter series, Silence of the Lamb, The Da Vinci Code, etc.

The majority of dramas nowadays are based on novels published in women’s digests. Hum tv drama Hamsafar is also based on the Urdu literary novel Hamsafar by Farhat Ishtiaq.

The main characters of Humsafar’s novel are Khird, Asher, and their daughter
Harem. Khird and Asher were cousins. Asher’s family was prosperous, while Khird was the daughter of a schoolmaster.Khird’s mother and Asher’s father were actual siblings, but as a result of his business commitments, Asher’s father never knew about his widowed sister.

His dying sister asked him to marry Asher to his daughter Khurd in order to make up for this shortcoming. Despite growing up in different worlds, Khurd and Asher fell in love. How long before the world can witness this happiness? With Khurd and Asher, misunderstandings arose until Khurd left home.

Asher was unaware that he had a daughter until some time later. When Khurd turned to Asher for help with her treatment, he learned about his daughter. Based on their daughter’s happiness, a cherished era of compromise began between the couple. You need to read a novel or watch a drama to understand the story.

Similar to the common stories in the digests, the Humsafar novel presents a rich and handsome hero, an oppressed heroine, a cruel mother-in-law, and various tactics and atrocities that prove that heroin is severely oppressed. This novel is suitable for leisure reading.

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Humsafar is a bestselling Urdu novel by Farhat Ishtiaq revolving around the turbulent relationship between cousins Khirad and Ashar. With its elements of family drama, ego clashes, class differences and misunderstandings, Humsafar delivers an entertaining narrative for leisurely reading.

The novel follows familiar tropes seen in Urdu digests, including a cruel mother-in-law and oppressed heroine. While not literary fiction, Humsafar’s engaging potboiler storyline and popular adaptation into a TV drama have contributed enormously to its commercial success.

For those seeking a casual family saga with romance and melodrama, Humsafar Novel fits the bill. Its wide appeal underscores Farhat Ishtiaq’s skill in crafting crowd-pleasing social fiction.

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