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Pakistan Beyond The Crisis State By Maleeha Lodhi

Pakistan Beyond The Crisis State written by Maleeha Lodhi is an issue-based volume that examines how Pakistan is doing today and the different issues it faces. It clearly explains Pakistan’s problems from a political, economic, social, and religious standpoint, and provides a way forward in an engaging way.

In this book, the writer analyzes the key strengths and weaknesses of the Islamic republic, Pakistan. From pessimistic to optimistic, the book illustrates real Pakistani scenarios.

This is an informative book about Pakistan that is suffused with optimism. The most valuable feature of the book is its objective analysis, clear language, and comprehensive coverage of the topic.

Former Pakistan’s UN Representative and diplomat Maleeha Lodhi holds degrees in political science and diplomacy. She is a former ambassador to the U.N. for Pakistan, a diplomat, military strategist, and a political scientist.

Pakistan Beyond The Crisis State Book Review | Summary

Pakistan: Beyond The Crisis State book explores Pakistan’s political, economic, social, foreign policy, and governance challenges to provide a more comprehensive paradigm and a deeper understanding of its dynamics.

Diversity and resilience have rarely featured in the single-issue focus of recent literature on Pakistan.

This is an excellent book that reveals the surprisingly calm stability of the country and acts as an antidote to the general perception of Pakistan in the West.

 Furthermore, it describes the complex interplay between domestic developments and external factors such as the interest of world powers. These factors are so central to the story of Pakistan and explain its fortunes.

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This timely study looks beyond the headlines of terrorism and natural disaster that shape western perceptions of Pakistan,’ says Professor Anatol Lieven of King’s College, London. Pakistan will overcome contemporary security challenges and long-term demographic pressures and energy shortages if it exhibits the political will to undergo comprehensive institutional, educational, and economic reforms.’ Professor Ian Talbot, author of Pakistan: A Modern History.

For students preparing for competitive exams, I think this book Pakistan Beyond The Crisis State is a helpful comprehensive, critical analysis of what Pakistan is facing at the present time. Consequently, I recommend everyone read for a while. At the very least, sitting for exams.

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Pakistan Beyond The Crisis State by Maleeha Lodhi offers an insightful and balanced analysis of Pakistan’s contemporary challenges and potential. Drawing on her expertise, Lodhi provides a holistic examination of the country’s political, economic, social and foreign policy issues. The book stands out for objectively analyzing Pakistan’s problems as well as highlighting its resilience.

While outlining a way forward, Lodhi makes a persuasive case for carrying out reforms to put Pakistan on the path to stability. Well-researched and accessibly written, this timely study challenges simplistic perceptions of the country. Pakistan Beyond The Crisis State succeeds as an illuminating read that promotes informed debate on Pakistan’s future trajectory.

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