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Islami Nazriya E Hayat By Khurshid Ahmed

Islami Nazriya e Hayat is the most comprehensive Islamic Shariah book by Professor Khurshid Ahmad on Islamic ideology, concepts and issues of Islam, and modern-day issues. This book has a unique place in Urdu literature as a collection of CSS. This book is included in the syllabus of Pakistan’s universities and CSS. This book has made a place in the hearts of the educated class.

This book has been published in three editions so far. The First edition was published in 1963, second edition in 1968. The third edition is on its way to publication.

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Islami Nazriya E Hayat Book Summary

islami nazriya e hayat book sample
islami nazriya e hayat book sample

This book is divided into three parts. 

The first part discusses those issues. Which have been created by modern intellectual and scientific movements and the study of which has created a reaction against religion in the minds of some of our youth. Wrong ideas have been refuted in this section. And the need for religion and its true place in life has been highlighted.

 In the second part, the intellectual foundations of Islam and its basic beliefs have been positively discussed. And the concept of Islam has been clarified.

The third part presents a clear map of the Islamic way of life. And what kind of person and what kind of society does Islam want to establish? In this last part, the requirements of Islam are briefly presented.

All of the above chapters are written in this way. Who are the most influential spokespersons of Islam today? In order to keep the eloquence of the book within the proper limits, the path of extraction, summarization, and rearrangement has been adopted. And it will be very useful for other educated people.

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Islami Nazriya-e-Hayat by Professor Khurshid Ahmad is a seminal work on Islamic ideology and way of life. Structured in three sections, it comprehensively covers foundational Islamic beliefs, refutes misconceptions, and outlines the ideal Islamic society.

Ahmad skillfully summarizes Islamic principles on key issues, drawing from authoritative sources. Highly accessible, the book has become an essential primer on Islamic thought and modern challenges faced by Muslim youth. Its inclusion in university curriculums underscores its standing as an authoritative work.

For those seeking authentic understanding of Islam’s conceptual foundations and contemporary application, Islami Nazriya-e-Hayat remains unmatched in its clarity and vision. Its enduring popularity testifies to its success as an illuminating resource for shaping Islamic worldviews.

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