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Noor Ul Lughat By Nurul Hasan Nayyar

Noor ul Laghat is the largest dictionary of Urdu language. It is the most important literary work of Nayyar Kakurvi.Of all the dictionaries published in Urdu language so far, “Noor-ul-Laghat” is the most comprehensive in terms of comprehensiveness.

Vocabulary “is important in terms of its accuracy and breadth. One of the major reasons for the importance of this dictionary is that it gives an indication of the origin of Sanskrit words and their literal meaning. In this dictionary, many Arabic and Persian words which have Urdu pronunciations or common meanings in Urdu are also listed, with the implication that it is not in Persian or Arabic.

 Noor-ul-Laghat is the largest dictionary of Urdu language. It is the most important literary work of Nayyar Kakurvi.

Noor Ul Lughat Summary & Detail

Of all the dictionaries published in Urdu language so far, “Noor ul Laghat” is the most comprehensive in terms of comprehensiveness and detail. The dictionary contains about 78000 words; however, it also includes many idioms, phrases and proverbs used by common people in their daily conversations.

The author has tried to include in his dictionary all possible words that exist in Urdu literature and spoken language of Hindustani region (India).It consists of four volumes which are divided into seven parts each consisting of several chapters

Through its study, students, teachers, scholars, literature, the correct meaning of poets, correct use of proverbs and proverbs, correct pronunciation of words, memorization of different types of words and correct spelling of words, etc. become familiar.

It is a very useful urdu dictionary book for those who want to learn or teach Urdu language as well as for those who want to improve their vocabulary power by adding new words in their day-to-day conversation.


In conclusion, Noor ul Lughat stands as the most comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of the Urdu language published so far. Authored over three decades by Nayyar Kakurvi, this expansive four volume work exemplifies a lifelong devotion to the preservation and elevation of the Urdu language.

With approximately 78,000 entries spanning Urdu’s indigenous vocabulary as well as adopted Arabic, Persian, and Sanskrit words, It offers unparalleled depth and accuracy in defining Urdu linguistic and literary terminology.

Its detailed etymologies, nuanced definitions of idioms and proverbs, and meticulous pronunciation keys highlight Kakurvi’s remarkable scholarly rigor. For students, academics, writers, linguists, and any Urdu language enthusiast, Noor ul Lughat remains an indispensable reference work and a testament to one scholar’s tireless efforts to compile a definitive portrait of the Urdu lexicon. Kakurvi’s masterpiece ensures his legacy as a giant of Urdu language scholarship.

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