Khakam Badahan By Mushtaq Ahmad Yousufi

Khakam Badahan (خاکم بدہن) is a great humor book written by Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi. It is an Adam G Literary Award-winning book. This book was first published by Maktaba-e-Daniyal in 1969 and then continued on public demand. The book is attributed to his wife, Idris Fatima. This book is considered to be Yousafi’s most valuable book.

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About Author (Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi)

 Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi is a great Urdu comic writer. He is best known for his works Chiragh Talay, Zarguzasht, Khakam Badhan, and Aab-e-Gum. When it comes to Urdu humor, Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi is right up there among the very top.

Yousefi wrote in the preface to Khakam Badhan that “The sense of humor is the sixth sense of the man. If it is, then man passes through every place easily”.Khakam Badahan includes excellent humorous essays such as 

  • Sabghe & Sons (صبغے اینڈ سنز)
  • Caesar, Matahari and Mirza (سیزر، ماتاہری اور مرزا)
  • Bare Aloo Ka Kuch Biyan Hoye (بارے آلو کا کچھ بیاں ہوجائے )
  • Hoye Mar K Hum Jo Ruswa ( ہوئے مرکے ہم جو رُسوا)
  •  Hill Station (ہل اسٹشین)
  • Chand Tasveer Butan (چند تصویرِ بُتاں)
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Khakam Badahan by Mushtaq Ahmad Yousufi PDF Book Sample

In Urdu literature, when it comes to humor and humor and Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi is not mentioned, it is almost impossible.

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One little problem, however; the language is quite challenging and the reader may occasionally need a dictionary.

In addition to Mirza, Abdul-Quddoos, Sibghey, and the author himself, there are believable, real characters who share the story. It was a pleasure to spend time with these adorable characters.

The first time I read this book, I kept wondering what the title “Khakam Budahan” meant. It means, “dust in my mouth,” which I found out by looking on Google.

In Khakam Badahan, you will find satirical essays with a lot of feelings. In this book, you’ll find eight essays. From the preface to the last sentence of the book, satire and humor are prominent.

This book’s language is a bit complex; there are many unfamiliar and complicated terms throughout. For regular readers, it won’t be so difficult, but for new readers, a dictionary may be necessary.

Dwonlaod & Read Khakam Badhan PDF book

In summary, Khakam Badahan is a treat for fans of classic Urdu humor. You will certainly be disappointed if you are expecting to laugh and enjoy reading this book. In order to understand the humor correctly, you must pay attention and be serious. The PDF version is available for download and can also be read online. Thank you for visiting the Urdu PDF books library.


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