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Harf E Shauq By Mukhtar Masood

Harf e Shauq (حرف شوق) is an Urdu book on historical events by legend writer Mukhtar Masood. It was published by Maktaba-e-Tameer-e-Insaniat in July 2017. The best Urdu book, it holds a prominent place in Urdu literature. In this book, the author discusses historical events as well as many other things. He reveals a lot of secrets from history. I have read this book for a long time, but only a few events and characters were fresh for me.

Harf-e-Shauq also has a unique style. In this book, the writer explains very well. His descriptions of the subject spoke right to the heart each time he addressed it. It is through his prose poetry that he takes the reader into a state of trance. How beautifully Aligarh’s stretcher hall has been compared to the architecture of kings that one word has become eternal.

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Harf E Shauq By Mukhtar Masood Book Summary

This Historical book consists of four chapters. You can read about them here. It raises some questions, and it provides its answers to these questions.

harf e shouq
Harf-e-Shouq / حرف شوق

A session with the past(ماضی کے ساتھ ایک نشست)
Who was Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (سر سید احمد خان کون تھے)
Ask Me(باعث تحریر)
A letter to the deceased(مرحوم کے نام ایک خط)

The first two chapters examine the founding and teaching processes of Aligarh College, University, as well as the impact of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Khan. The autobiography of the author appears in Chapter 3. In his last chapter, he wrote in response to Awaz Dost and Naseem Ansari’s writings, Jawab Dost.

Respected Rasheed Ahmed Siddiqui recited Awaaz Dost and prayed for me. After those prayers, I excluded them from my writing. “But Mukhtar Masood himself could not see his last written masterpiece” Harf e Shauq “hidden. But it was a farewell gift to the readers of Urdu literature. The light of which will continue to enlighten the minds of the readers for a long time.

The third article is “Bahis e Tahreer“(باعث تحریر) and is about the life of Mukhtar Masood. In the article, he describes his education, joining the civil service, and stepping into the world of literature. There are several eye-opening parts to this article. Explains whereby President Ayub Khan destroyed Pakistan’s bureaucracy.


In conclusion, Mukhtar Masood’s captivating work Harf E Shauq offers vivid snapshots of history through an insightful lens. Structured as four essays, the book elucidates the founding of Aligarh University, the vision of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, and Masood’s own coming-of-age.

With scholarly depth yet accessible prose, Masood brings insightful analysis to seminal figures and events. He masterfully blends factual accounts with reflective commentary to humanize the past. While wide-ranging, It ultimately provides deeper perspective on the present through its glimpse into formative chapters of the past.

Masood’s literary flair shines through in eloquent vignettes that linger in the mind. Though his final book, Harf-e-Shauq Book encapsulates the talents that made Mukhtar Masood an essential Urdu voice. For readers seeking an engaging window into history, Harf-e-Shauq delivers a rewarding experience.

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