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Iqbal Ki Taweel Nazmain by Rafiuddin Hashmi

Iqbal Ki Taweel Nazmain(اقبال کی طویل نظمیں) is an influential work by Rafiuddin Hashmi(زفیع الدین ہاشمی ) which was first published in 1970 by Globe Publishers. It is an excellent book on the critical and artistic analysis of Allama Iqbal’s long poems.

In this book, Iqbal Ki Taveel Nazmein the writer mentions that Allama Iqbal had special skills in writing long poems. The long poems of Bang-e-DaraBaal-e-Jibril’ and Armaghan-e-Hijaz have proved to be attractive to the readers of Iqbaliyat due to their various intellectual and artistic features.

Rafiuddin Hashmi

Rafiuddin Hashmi is a thinker critic, a tasteful and hardworking researcher of Iqbal’s writings. he has presented these poems in the right context and linked Iqbal’s thought to the Kaaba instead of Turkistan. His work is Asnaf e Adab, Iqbaliyat Ke Teen Saal, Iqbal Bahaisiyat-e-Shair etc.

Iqbal Ki Taweel Nazmain book sample page
Iqbal Ki Taweel Nazmein sample page

Iqbal Ki Taweel Nazmain Summary

We know the words of Allama Iqbal, the poet of the East, are of intellectual, artistic, spiritual, and thematic importance. It is essential to study at every age in every respect. Iqbal is more popular as a poet. However, some poems that have been discussed are more valuable than others simply because they are very long.

This book Iqbal Ki Taweel Nazmain discusses the greatest long poems of Iqbal like Shikwa(شکواہ) , Shikwa Jawab E Shikwa( شکواہ اور جواب شکوہ) Shama Aur Shayar(شمع اور شاعر),Walida Marhooma Ki Yaad Mein(والدہ مرحومہ کی یاد میں ), Khizar-e-Rah ( خضر راہ ), Zauq-o-Shauq(ذوق وشوق) , masjid qurtaba(مسجد قرطبہ),Saqi Nama (ساقی نامہ), Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura (ابلیس کی مجلس شوری). In All the long poems, Iqbal has combined the most powerful elements of his thoughts and reached the heights of art where poetry attains the status of prophethood.

It is essential for Iqbaliyat students to learn about their poems, but these poems are not fully disclosed to them because of a variety of difficulties. In these poems, where the complexity of thought leads to problems, there are ambiguities that were obvious to the area leads half a century ago. However, today they are hidden in the fog of the past.

The author has written the background and technical analysis of each poem with great clarity and comprehensiveness. Thus this book has come into existence which is an unexpected blessing for the students of confessions. Hashmi Sahib has carefully studied all the aspects of confessions, so his eyes are on all aspects of these poems and no corner is left thirsty.

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Published in 1970, Rafiuddin Hashmi’s seminal work Iqbal Ki Taweel Nazmain remains an authoritative critical analysis of Allama Iqbal’s long poems. Hashmi insightfully examines Iqbal’s prominent works like Shikwa, Khizar-e-Rah, and Masjid-e-Qurtaba, elucidating their intellectual depth and artistic mastery. Providing historical context and technical commentary, Hashmi highlights the thematic elegance and poetic sophistication that earned Iqbal acclaim.

While unpacking ambiguities that challenge modern readers, Hashmi’s book equips students to better comprehend Iqbal’s visionary verses. Despite the passage of time, Iqbal Ki Taweel Nazmain endures as an essential guide to appreciating the multilayered artistry of Iqbal’s long poems. Hashmi’s meticulous scholarship codified a standard for studying these profound works.

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