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Asnaf E Adab Rafi ud din Hashmi Book

Rafi Ud Din  Hashmi’s book Asnaf e Adab is a short but comprehensive book that has great importance in Urdu literature. Rafi Ud Din Hashmi is the best author, researcher, and confessor of Urdu literature.

The style of this book is simple. Because of the simplicity of the style, it is read with great relish. This book mentions all the genres of Urdu. The description of poetry and the difference between poetry and prose have been explained very well.

Like any other language, the Urdu language consists of two parts, poetry, and prose. Asnaf e Adab Rafi ud din Hashmi pdf translates major topics in simple words.  Rafi Ud Din  Hashmi has explained the difference between poetry and prose with references and examples.

The style of this book is straightforward. Because this book is mainly written for students, Urdu literature students can benefit from it. All the terms of Urdu poetry and prose have been included in it.

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Asnaf e Adab Rafi ud din Hashmi pdf Book

The general reader can also benefit. Asnaf e Adab Rafi ud din Hashmi pdf is the best book written in the genres of Urdu. It reflects the style of the author. The and accent of the book has been kept because of the students’ mental level. This book is of interest to the fans of Urdu literature. And Asnaf e Adab is useful for the needs of the students. By reading the author’s excellent book, the general reader can increase his knowledge of Urdu literature.

I hope readers will like this book. And those who are interested in reading can also buy this book from the respective publisher.


Asnaf E Adab By Rafi ud din Hashmi is a concise yet authoritative work on the genres and forms of Urdu literature. Written in simple, lucid language, it provides an accessible overview of the two main branches of Urdu adab – poetry and prose. The book explains various poetic forms like ghazal, qasida, marsiya along with major prose genres including novel, short story, drama and literary essay.

Hashmi contextualizes each form with apt examples and analysis. As a primer that meets academic needs, Asnaf e Adab emerges as an invaluable resource for Urdu students and general readers interested in understanding the stylistic diversity of Urdu adab.

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